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Iam 67 years old and main­tain a fairly good health. I main­tain a garden, which is about 5,000 sq ft sin­gle­hand­edly. I work in the garden for almost four hours ev­ery day, most of the time dig­ging here and there with a pick-axe and spade. I sweat it out till I am fully ex­hausted. In­side the house, I do some yoga com­bined with some ex­er­cise and weight train­ing. What I want to know is that af­ter labour­ing in the garden to ex­haus­tion level, is it nec­es­sary for me to do in­door ex­er­cise and yoga? Mani G Iyer, Ka­dayanal­lur, TN [email protected] Com­pli­ments on your fit­ness and good health! Af­ter work­ing in the garden, if you are man­ag­ing to do yoga and weight train­ing, you are doing great. As long as the ex­er­cise is en­joy­able and there are no pains and aches af­ter the work­outs, it is fine. In fact, yoga and strength­en­ing ex­er­cises will help min­imise po­ten­tial in­juries from the gar­den­ing work. Have yourself med­i­cally eval­u­ated pe­ri­od­i­cally to as­cer­tain that all your health pa­ram­e­ters are okay. If at any time you are not en­joy­ing the ex­er­cises or feel fa­tigued, you could cut down the fre­quency and in­ten­sity of the ex­er­cises. My best wishes to you for a life­time of fit­ness and good health.

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