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If you’d like to prac­tice yoga poses on your own, the il­lus­tra­tions here are ex­am­ples of good move­ments for back ail­ments. Co­bra Pose. Face down with your fore­arms on the floor, use the mus­cles in your lower back to lift your chest off the mat. Ex­hale and lower to the start­ing po­si­tion, then re­peat. Knee-to-Chest Pose. With your left leg straight and right leg bent, hold the right knee with both hands. Ex­hale as you pull your right knee to­ward your chest. In­hale as you re­lease. Re­peat sev­eral times, then switch to your left knee and re­peat. Ab­dom­i­nal Twist. Lie on your back with your knees bent, and thighs to­gether. Ex­tend your arms straight out from the shoul­ders, palms down. Ex­hale and lower your knees to the floor to the right and twist through the ab­domen as you turn your head and look left. In­hale and re­turn your knees and head to the cen­tre. Then ex­hale and lower your legs to the left and turn your head to the right. In­hale, re­turn to the cen­tre and re­peat.

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