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Com­mon ways to help iden­tify di­etary food trig­gers in­volved in headaches in­clude the fol­low­ing meth­ods.

Food/ symp­tom diaries: Record what you eat and drink, food brands, when you eat and how much. Soft­ware apps (such as for smart­phones) can look at trends in your food/ symp­tom records to fig­ure out (sta­tis­ti­cally) more likely headache cul­prits.

Se­lec­tive elim­i­na­tion di­ets: You elim­i­nate the most likely di­etary cul­prits for a pe­riod of time, typ­i­cally four weeks. Then, you rein­tro­duce elim­i­nated items, one per day at the most, to see if they trig­ger headaches (or other symp­toms).

Blood tests: Although con­tro­ver­sial, some doc­tors use blood tests (such as those test­ing for IgG an­ti­bod­ies to foods), to guide which foods are in­cluded or re­moved in elim­i­na­tion di­ets. More re­search is needed on such tests.

Note: Never con­sume a food or bev­er­age if you have a food al­lergy to it.

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