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Caf­feine-in­fused per­sonal care prod­ucts are cre­at­ing a stir in the beauty care seg­ment. Here’s a peek into the mak­ing of MCaf­feine, the brand that uses cof­fee ex­tract to en­hance beauty and well­ness.


MCaf­feine co-founder shares the idea be­hind his unique ini­tia­tive

While cof­fee can wake you up and put a spring in your step, it can also add a glow to your face and a sheen to your hair... Brain child of two IITians, Tarun Sharma and Vikas Lac­ch­wani, MCaf­feine is a per­sonal care brand that uses caf­feine as one of its main in­gre­di­ents. The rea­son: Caf­feine has a host of health ben­e­fits for the skin and hair. Upon dis­cov­er­ing the magic of caf­feine, the en­ter­pris­ing duo de­cided to make their foray into a hitherto un­ex­plored ter­ri­tory and give users a unique prod­uct line in­fused with the good­ness of cof­fee beans. Co-founder Vikas Lac­ch­wani speaks to us on what went be­hind start­ing their novel brand...

What trig­gered your in­ter­est in the beauty busi­ness?

I stud­ied from IIT-Kharag­pur and pur­sued my higher stud­ies in the US. I worked as a con­sul­tant pri­mar­ily in the area of busi­ness an­a­lyt­ics and con­sumer choice be­hav­iour, and have been part of start-ups from the be­gin­ning. Be­fore MCaf­feine, I worked with Zoom­car (a car rental com­pany) as Se­nior Vice-Pres­i­dent, Pan In­dia oper­a­tion con­trol. Whereas Tarun Sharma (Co-founder, MCaf­feine), a BTech from IITDhan­bad, has worked for Box8, a food-tech com­pany, and was re­spon­si­ble for its ex­ten­sive growth and es­tab­lish­ment. When we learnt that caf­feine can be used a nat­u­ral sub­stance to cure many prob­lems, we de­cided to build a per­sonal care brand around it. Caf­feine is known to strengthen dam­aged hair and pre­vent hair­fall. It has

“Caf­feine is known to strengthen dam­aged hair and pre­vent hair­fall. It has anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties which help ease in­flam­ma­tion of the skin.” –Vikas

anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties which help ease in­flam­ma­tion of the skin. Along with be­ing rich in an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties, it is a nat­u­ral UV ray blocker and a great toner as well. Also, from the tra­di­tional per­spec­tive, peo­ple have al­ways added cof­fee pow­der to henna, and tea or cof­fee bags to treat puffed eyes was also com­mon. Mean­while, we also re­al­ized that though the re­quire­ments in the beauty care busi­ness have evolved, the so­lu­tions, be it brands or prod­ucts, were still the same. That’s when MCaf­feine came into ex­is­tence.

What kind of R&D went into cre­at­ing MCaf­feine?

Hu­mon­gous re­search on caf­feine has been done over the years. But we did a com­plete year of re­search be­fore our first prod­uct hit the mar­ket. Firstly, we re­searched the de­mand and need for such a prod­uct in the mar­ket and then we started de­vel­op­ing the prod­ucts ac­cord­ingly.

Too much caf­feine isn’t ben­e­fi­cial for health. So, how safe is caf­feine for ev­ery­day use? Yes, too much caf­feine isn’t good for health. But the caf­feine quan­tity used in our prod­ucts is lesser than the caf­feine con­sumed in the form of tea and cof­fee ev­ery day. Thus, it makes it ef­fi­cient for daily use.

You have prod­ucts ac­cord­ing to sea­sons. Tell us more about the range… Our prod­uct range con­sists of skin­care, which in­cludes face creams, sun­screens and masks for dif­fer­ent skin types i.e. clay mask and gel mask for oily and dry skin re­spec­tively; hair care which com­prises sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers; and bath and body, which in­cludes face washes, shower gels and body but­ters. Our prod­ucts also de­pend on the sea­son. In win­ter, you need a cream of thick tex­ture to nour­ish your skin, while for sum­mer, we have de­vel­oped gel-based lo­tions and creams. We have a sil­ver gel which is anti-mi­cro­bial in na­ture to fight against mi­cro­bial and fun­gal in­fec­tions dur­ing sum­mer.

Are your prod­ucts safe from al­ler­gies and side-ef­fects? We take ut­most care to en­sure that our prod­uct is user-friendly and safe for all the skin types. What is the USP of MCaf­feine apart from the caf­feine in it? Our USP is that we won’t en­dorse any fair­ness cream or prod­uct in our range. Peo­ple here are ob­sessed with be­ing fair, and we be­lieve we had to break the taboo that was built by the in­dus­try. We wanted to build a prod­uct that could be as­so­ci­ated with peo­ple’s lifestyle and MCaf­feine rep­re­sents that.

Why aren’t your prod­ucts avail­able off­line? The ben­e­fit of con­duct­ing your busi­ness on­line is that it gives your prod­uct vast cov­er­age across the coun­try, and be­ing a startup, we wanted some­thing like that.

What are the fu­ture plans for MCaf­feine? We want to do more R&D as we be­lieve that there is al­ways scope for more and bet­ter. All of us spend so much time in­side an of­fice cu­bi­cle which is full of LED screens and gad­gets that emit blue light and UV rays that take a toll on our health. Which means we need sun­screen in­doors too, so re­search is be­ing done to ex­plore this area.

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