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Break­fast op­tions to pro­tect joints and bones

Poor food choices can drain en­ergy and dam­age bones and joints. But for­ti­fy­ing your body with the right foods can help you feel bet­ter. Nu­tri­ent-rich foods are smart choices at any age, but even more im­por­tant as we get older. Un­for­tu­nately, as we age, our ap­petites and pro­tein in­takes of­ten drop, and we tend to lose bone and mus­cle. Mak­ing sure we get ad­e­quate nu­tri­ents is crit­i­cal, and break­fast is a great place to add cal­cium, vi­ta­min D and pro­tein (plant-based or an­i­mal) into our di­ets.

Cal­cium And Vi­ta­min D For Strong Bones

When we don’t get enough of the needed cal­cium, the body will pull the cal­cium from the bones and teeth. Os­teo­poro­sis, and its pre­cur­sor os­teope­nia, af­fect both women and men. Though these dis­eases af­fect women more of­ten, about one in four men over the age of 50 years will break a bone due to os­teo­poro­sis. Cal­cium helps keep bones healthy, but vi­ta­min D is needed to help ab­sorb the vi­tal min­eral. It’s easy to in­clude these nu­tri­ents in your break­fast meals by us­ing sim­ple, fresh in­gre­di­ents. Whip up an omelet with cheese, spinach and mush­rooms. As for bev­er­ages, many are for­ti­fied with vi­ta­min D and cal­cium, such as orange juice and al­mond milk. What about reg­u­lar milk? The jury is still out on whether or not cow’s milk is ac­tu­ally ben­e­fi­cial to bone health. Some lit­er­a­ture in­di­cates that high milk in­take nei­ther pre­vents nor re­duces risk of frac­tures in se­niors.

Pack In The Pro­tein

Pro­tein syn­the­sis is the process by which the body builds mus­cles from pro­tein. Ac­cord­ing to re­cent stud­ies, ag­ing re­duces the body’s abil­ity

Fresh veg­etable and fruit juices are in­ex­pen­sive to make at home. You don’t even need a juicer; you a can sim­ply use blen­der.

to syn­the­size pro­tein. That, along with hor­mone changes and less ex­er­cise for some older adults, can lead to age-re­lated mus­cle loss, also known as sar­cope­nia. Food choices can make a dif­fer­ence. A 2015 study pub­lished in the ‘Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Phys­i­ol­ogy, En­docrinol­ogy and Me­tab­o­lism’ found that those who ate dou­ble the rec­om­mended daily amount of pro­tein (1.5 grams per kilo­gram of body weight) im­proved their mus­cle pro­tein syn­the­sis. The cur­rent RDA for pro­tein is 0.8 grams per kilo­gram of body weight. There are many good break­fast choices that are high in pro­tein, in­clud­ing eggs, cheese, meats and yo­ghurt. Scram­ble two eggs with some shred­ded white chicken and cheese, or for­tify a smoothie with pro­tein (i.e. chia seeds or soy pow­der) for a quick break­fast on the go.

Avoid ProInam­ma­tory Foods

In­flam­ma­tion is an en­emy of the joints, bring­ing on swelling and pain. What you choose to eat and not eat can make a dif­fer­ence. Limit, or bet­ter yet, elim­i­nate foods that cause in­flam­ma­tion, such as re­fined car­bo­hy­drates (white bread and pas­tries), fried foods, pro­cessed meats (hot dogs and sausage) and mar­garine. Re­place them with fresh fruits, fatty fish, leafy greens and toma­toes. Fresh veg­etable and fruit juices are in­ex­pen­sive to make at home. You don’t even need a juicer; you can sim­ply use a blen­der. For ex­am­ple, whip up a re­fresh­ing su­per green break­fast drink with two cups of wa­ter, two cups of baby spinach, a peeled cu­cum­ber, and half-a-cup of tomato juice. En­joy that with a cou­ple of hard-boiled eggs. That’s a re­fresh­ing break­fast filled with en­er­giz­ing nu­tri­ents to for­tify your whole body.

Fill Your Kitchen With Nutri­tion

Some­times the most chal­leng­ing as­pect of eat­ing well is hav­ing all the right in­gre­di­ents at hand, and know­ing how to put them to­gether quickly. Look for recipes that re­quire just a few in­gre­di­ents. Stock your kitchen with your favourite nu­tri­tious foods, and you’ll find it much eas­ier to eat well ev­ery day. Also, have some items ready (e.g. pre-chopped veg­gies, hard­boiled eggs, shred­ded chicken). This makes pre­par­ing any meal faster and eas­ier.

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