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My daugh­ter is 12 years old and eas­ily prone to eye in­fec­tions. She keeps get­ting boils un­der her eyes which are some­times painful. What is the rea­son and treat­ment for it? Mansi Pawar, Kol­ha­pur

Styes are the most com­mon types of lid in­fec­tions, usu­ally caused by a Sta­phy­lo­coc­cus in­fec­tion of the glands at the edge of the lashes and ac­com­pa­nied with pain and swelling. Low grade in­fec­tion of the lash mar­gin called ble­phar­i­tis also con­trib­utes to this prob­lem. This is usu­ally painful but short-lived. The best way to pre­vent this is to wash the eyes with hot wa­ter and soap ev­ery night, and if you are get­ting re­cur­rent in­fec­tions, use an an­ti­sep­tic oint­ment like Mozx­i­floxacin and rub into the lashes twice a day for 40 days to get the edges of the lashes and the lid ster­ile. This should solve the prob­lem in the in­terim mea­sure.

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