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Tat­toos, as a trend, have al­ways at­tracted young­sters. But they also come with a se­ries of mis­con­cep­tions and myths. Dr Banani Choud­hary, con­sul­tant der­ma­tol­o­gist at Jaslok Hospi­tal and Re­search Cen­tre, Mum­bai, de­bunks them for you:

Myth: You can al­ways get a bad tat­too off by laser.

Truth: Laser tat­too re­moval is in­creas­ing in pop­u­lar­ity but the com­plete re­moval de­pends on many fac­tors like 1. Type of colour pig­ment used 2. Depth of pig­ment 3. Den­sity of the tat­too (how com­pactly the tat­too colour is dis­trib­uted)

Myth: You can get a tat­too done from any­body.

Truth: Go to a tat­too pro­fes­sional person, and get the process done un­der ster­ile and asep­tic con­di­tion to avoid any un­wanted in­fec­tion or eczema­ti­za­tion (al­ler­gic or ir­ri­tant con­tact der­mati­tis) on over­ly­ing skin par­tic­u­larly peo­ple with sen­si­tive skin.

Tat­too Re­moval: In case of peo­ple who want to re­move an ex­ist­ing tat­too, a few things will need to be taken care of. A multi-coloured tat­too is dif­fi­cult to re­move com­pared to a black tat­too. Co lours like yel­low, white, pink are most dif­fi­cult, fol­lowed by red and then black. The more pig­ments in a tat­too, the more dif­fi­cult it is to re­move them. A switched laser is ad­vis­able for tat­too re­moval though there are re­cent ad­vances like pico laser and op­ti­cal en­hancers for bet­ter ef­fi­cacy and pen­e­tra­tion of the laser. Most cases need around six to eight ses­sions of laser. In some cases, a faint out­line of the tat­too can still be left be­hind, so it is ad­vis­able to be re­ally care­ful when de­cid­ing on the type of tat­too be­fore­hand. Ama­teur tat­toos done by non­pro­fes­sion­als can be a chal­lenge to re­move too.


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