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Break free of your phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions. That is ex­actly what Ma­jor Avnish Bajpai urges us to do. When he lost his limb in a grenade blast, he felt use­less for not be­ing able to serve in com­bat any­more. To feel wor­thy of him­self again, he started run­ning marathons (us­ing a pros­thetic limb), un­afraid of the ex­cru­ci­at­ing pain, grave in­juries and risks that ac­com­pa­nied each time he ran. ‘Suc­cess Story’ is a les­son in over­com­ing fear, and not let­ting your phys­i­cal hand­i­cap stop you from achiev­ing what you want. Break free of emo­tional bag­gage. Sup­pressed anger, re­sent­ment, hurt, de­pres­sion can man­i­fest in sick­ness, says cover woman Man­isha Koirala. After hav­ing fought can­cer and re­gained her lost con­fi­dence, she can’t stress enough (‘Fit & Fa­mous’) on how im­por­tant men­tal health is to be phys­i­cally healthy... Treat emo­tional prob­lem like a wound, and if it doesn’t heal by it­self, reach out to friends/ fam­ily/ coun­sel­lor. But don’t let it fes­ter within. Break free of un­healthy eat­ing. The junk that’s avail­able out­side is re­ally not your fault. But you can at least be con­scious of what you put into your mouth. Flip through our ‘Diet’ sec­tion to learn how to fight food ad­dic­tions, use mil­lets to power up your body, heal your­self with tea and more... Re­mem­ber, what you give to your body, it gives back to you. Break free of ig­no­rance. And the best way to do that is to arm your­self with knowl­edge. So you’re bet­ter pre­pared, es­pe­cially when ill­ness strikes. ‘Free­dom Spe­cial’ touches upon ail­ments that are com­mon but still cre­ate con­fu­sion in the minds of peo­ple on how to cope with them. Stay in­formed, stay healthy... And last but not the least, break free of ev­ery­thing that’s pulling you down. This In­de­pen­dence Day, make your body, mind and spirit so strong that there’s just no room for neg­a­tiv­ity; do things that give you joy; and treat life as a gift to be grate­ful for! Give your­self the free­dom to live ‘n’ shine, not just ex­ist ‘n’ whine…

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