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Oblique work­outs are just what you need to get that killer core!


Sculpt a toned ab­domen

Are you a big fan of crop tops but re­frain from wear­ing them due to your ex­plod­ing obliques? We all love a good work­out that tones down our abs, but we must note that a killer core is not just lim­ited to hav­ing a flat tummy. Shap­ing your mid-sec­tion also im­plies pay­ing at­ten­tion to your sides, or, more par­tic­u­larly, your obliques. Ro­bust and chis­elled obliques will make your waist look slim­mer, re­cover your body pos­ture, tone your lower back, and make your ap­par­els fit you even bet­ter. The obliques are lo­cated on the ei­ther side of our stom­ach be­tween our hip flex­ors and our lats. Train­ing this part of our body will trans­late into a leaner mid-sec­tion along with lend­ing you a strong and sta­bi­lized core. So if tighter abs seem to be on your wish list, it’s time to rightly ad­dress the obliques. Do­ing only crunches won’t do your body any good. For killer and well-toned obliques, you must try the below men­tioned work­outs…

Bird dog CRUNCHES To per­form this ex­er­cise, one must start on all fours. Your hands need to be placed flat on the ground di­rectly un­der­neath your shoul­ders, and your knees should be placed be­neath your hips with your back flat. Post this, you should slowly en­gage your core and drive your right arm straight out from your shoul­der. Your left leg should drive straight back from your hip. Dur­ing this move­ment, en­sure that both are kept par­al­lel to the ground. Your right arm must be squeezed and your left leg must be brought back to its orig­i­nal po­si­tion. Rest for a sec­ond be­fore start­ing the sec­ond rep. You must repli­cate this move­ment for 10 reps with­out set­ting your right arm or left leg on the floor. This must be fol­lowed by swap­ping to the left arm/ right leg combo. Fin­ish three to four sets of 10 reps on each side with 30 sec­onds rest in be­tween each set.

BREAK­DANCER Along with ton­ing your obliques, this work­out also helps im­prove your heart rate by adding some cardio, which will fa­cil­i­tate you to shed those un­wanted lay­ers of fat and re­veal your waist­line faster. To per­form this work­out, start on all fours with knees be­ing placed be­neath the hips and wrists po­si­tioned below the shoul­ders. Breathe out to in­volve the abs and lift the knees to hover off the mat. This step should be fol­lowed by kick­ing the right leg un­der the body and across to the left. Con­cur­rently, reach your left arm up. Come back on all fours. Per­form as many reps as pos­si­ble for about 30 sec­onds. Repli­cate the ex­er­cise on the op­po­site side.

el­e­vated mountain CLIMBERS Many don’t con­sider mountain climbers to be an oblique

The obliques are lo­cated on the ei­ther side of our stom­ach be­tween our hip flex­ors and our lats. Train­ing this part of our body will trans­late into a leaner.

work­out, but it fan­tas­ti­cally works your core. This move ma­jorly tar­gets your obliques and ab­dom­i­nals, while also en­hanc­ing the mo­bil­ity of your pelvic area, and re­fines car­dio­vas­cu­lar strength. All you need to do is scout for an in­cline, like a large rock or log with hands po­si­tioned on the in­cline some­what wider than shoul­der-width apart. One leg must be pulled to­wards your chest. This should be fol­lowed by al­ter­nat­ing the leg po­si­tion by push­ing the hips up while in­stantly out­spread­ing the for­ward leg back and drag­ging the rear leg for­ward un­der­neath your chest. Per­form two sets of 30 reps.

side Plank with HIP DIPS This move of­fers a great multi-mus­cle core as­set and steadi­ness ex­er­cise. It rightly hits the abs, obliques, abs and back mus­cles. All you need to do is be­gin with by ly­ing on one side, propped up on one el­bow. By keep­ing your body in a straight line, your feet need to be fixed on top of one an­other and hips need to be lifted. Now grad­u­ally lower down till your hips just about touch the ground sur­face, then lift your­self back up. Per­form about 10-12 reps, hold on to the fi­nal rep for about 15-30 sec­onds prior to drop­ping. Du­pli­cate on the op­po­site side. So wait no longer, just show off both your good sides with these ef­fec­tive obliques fit­ness ex­er­cises de­signed to re­in­force and slim your mid­sec­tion.

This move of­fers a great mul­ti­mus­cle core as­set and steadi­ness ex­er­cise. All you need to do is be­gin with by ly­ing on one side, propped up on one el­bow.

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