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Iam 21 years old. re­cently, I got my blood tested, and got to know that I am al­most on the verge of de­vel­op­ing di­a­betes and choles­terol. Please help!

Ajay Dixit, Gu­jarat

Su­gar is the fuel for the hu­man body. It trav­els through the ar­ter­ies to ev­ery cell and, within the cell, with the help of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, it burns to pro­duce en­ergy. Sim­i­larly, choles­terol is a build­ing block from which the body makes sev­eral vi­tal hor­mones and struc­tures. Here, too, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als are needed for the pro­cesses in­volved. Hence, when vi­ta­mins and min­er­als are in short sup­ply, choles­terol and su­gar pile up. Junk food, al­co­hol and to­bacco ag­gra­vate the sit­u­a­tion. In or­der to pre­vent the pile up of su­gar and choles­terol, a bal­anced diet, rich in fruit and veg­eta­bles, is a manda­tory pre­req­ui­site. The key word to pre­vent high blood pres­sure, high blood su­gar and high choles­terol prob­lems as also so many other mal­adies is BAL­ANCE. A bal­anced diet, a bal­ance be­tween rest and ac­tiv­ity, a bal­ance in our work and plea­sure and a bal­ance in our re­la­tion­ships is of paramount im­por­tance to en­joy good health and not just stave off dis­ease.

Dr Anand H Gokani, Di­a­betol­o­gist

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