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If you have trou­ble ris­ing from a chair or com­mode, prac­tice stand­ing up us­ing both arms of a solid chair for sup­port. Re­peat three times. As your legs be­come stronger, in­crease the num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions. Even­tu­ally, use only one arm of the chair for sup­port. Your goal should be to rise with­out re­ly­ing on chair arms. If you have trou­ble with bal­ance or walk­ing, walk up and down a short hall­way sev­eral times a day to stim­u­late your leg mus­cles. At first, use the walls for sup­port. Over time, you will find the walls are not needed. If climb­ing stairs is dif­fi­cult, start by go­ing up and down one stair, us­ing one or both handrails. As com­fort level and strength in­crease, add one stair at a time. Work to­ward climb­ing stairs with­out us­ing handrails. Use small hand weights or look in your pantry for two cans of equal weight that are easy to hold. Prac­tice lift­ing the cans over­head to help in­crease arm strength. Prac­tice plac­ing one can on a top shelf while hold­ing on to a counter. The goal is to reach high with­out los­ing your bal­ance.

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