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Tall peo­ple are more likely to suf­fer from can­cer, claims a study which found that ev­ery 4-inch in­crease in height above the av­er­age lead to a 10% greater risk of de­vel­op­ing the deadly dis­ease. How­ever, re­searchers said that height is only one of the many fac­tors that de­ter­mine a per­son’s can­cer risk. Ac­cord­ing to the re­port, for ev­ery 4-inch in­crease in hu­man height above the av­er­age used in the study of 5 feet 7 inch for men and 5 feet 3 inch for women, there is a 10% greater risk of that per­son getting can­cer. Since height can­not be mod­i­fied, un­like lifestyle risk fac­tors such a body weight, main­tain­ing a healthy lifestyle is the way to re­duce the chances of de­vel­op­ing the dis­ease.

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