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1. YOuR PART­NER STARES AT THEIR PHONE WHILE YOu’RE TALK­ING Not only is this ex­tremely rude, but also dis­re­spect­ful to your re­la­tion­ship. While your part­ner may not hang onto and ab­sorb ev­ery word you speak, it’s com­mon cour­tesy (not to men­tion com­mon­sen­si­cal) to put the phone away when you’re talk­ing.

2. YOuR PART­NER TAKES OuT THEIR PHONE… EV­ERY­WHERE Whether you’re out on a date, among your friends, or spend­ing time with your fam­ily, if your part­ner uses their phone while oth­ers are speak­ing, they’re phub­bing you. Be­ing in the pres­ence of oth­ers doesn’t negate the fact that they’re pri­or­i­tiz­ing their de­vice over you and yours.

3. YOuR PART­NER AL­WAYS FINDS AN Ex­CuSE TO POST­PONE THINGS He al­ways starts off with a “Wait, I’m do­ing some­thing…” when you ask some­thing of him, es­pe­cially with help around the house, in case you are mar­ried or liv­ing in.

4. YOuR PART­NER uSES THEIR PHONE IN BED Us­ing the phone in bed – the most in­ti­mate of places – is a big no-no. And, in case you were won­der­ing, you don’t ‘can­cel each other out’ if you’re both tapping away.

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