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I dig sim­ple In­dian . I start off with a big meal and eat like a pau­per by the end of the day. The only dif­fer­ence you’ll find in my diet is that I don’t in­clude or in­dulge or en­cour­age any re­fined su­gar or re­fined flour in my meal plan. My meals com­prise high fi­bre, high pro­tein food. Yes, I do eat carbs, but I try and min­i­mize it by the end of the day. Fruits and veg­eta­bles (not over­cooked) are a big part of my meal. I have eggs in the morn­ing and fish, chicken, meat or high pro­tein veg­gies like dur­ing the day. I like soups - clear veg or chicken - in the night, and grilled fish or chicken in the evening. I end my meal at 8 p.m ev­ery day as I be­lieve it’s very im­por­tant to stop eat­ing three hours be­fore go­ing to bed.

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