Don't Pick!

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Lots of par­ents catch their chil­dren pick­ing their noses and tell them off for it - and that's be­cause it's gross. Even though it may be un­hy­gienic and can even be a bit em­bar­rass­ing if your lit­tle ones de­cide to do it in a pub­lic place, most mums and dads think the habit is rel­a­tively harm­less. But it turns out pick­ing your nose could spread dan­ger­ous bac­te­ria which causes pneu­mo­nia, new re­search warns. The study, pub­lished in the 'Euro­pean Res­pi­ra­tory Jour­nal', shows that the trans­mis­sion of pneu­mo­nia can oc­cur through con­tact be­tween the nose and hands when ex­posed to the bac­te­ria.

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