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Breath­ing through the nose may im­prove the trans­fer of ex­pe­ri­ence to long-term mem­ory, ac­cord­ing to a study. The find­ing, pub­lished in ‘JNeyriscu’, adds to the grow­ing ev­i­dence for the in­flu­ence of res­pi­ra­tion on hu­man per­cep­tion and cog­ni­tion. Nose breathers, whose mouths were taped over dur­ing the con­sol­i­da­tion pe­riod, showed in­creased odour recog­ni­tion com­pared to mouth breathers, whose noses were clipped dur­ing con­sol­i­da­tion. The study also pro­vides fur­ther ev­i­dence that nasal res­pi­ra­tion sup­ports mem­ory con­sol­i­da­tion.

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