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…is the new work­out trend that is catch­ing on in In­dia. We de­code it for you here…

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Pi­lox­ing is the new work­out fad

Ab­liss­ful amal­gam of stand­ing Pi­lates and box­ing, Pi­lox­ing is a full­body work­out that ef­fort­lessly fuses the high-en­ergy and in­ten­sity of box­ing with the mea­sured ton­ing move­ments of Pi­lates, and in­volves a host of moves to trans­form tri­ceps. This fu­sion ex­er­cise of­fers you a fine psy­cho­log­i­cal as well as phys­i­cal sta­bil­ity. The ex­er­cise will re­quire you to be wear­ing heavy gloves for the box­ing for a round of side jabs and this will be fol­lowed by do­ing some leg lifts. It is a pop­u­lar ex­er­cise form that also en­com­passes a sprin­kle of dance along with Pi­lates and box­ing. Per­formed to the beats of pump­ing mu­sic, Pi­lox­ing is a work­out for those who wish to see quick re­sults and tone their bod­ies. Be­ing a high-in­ten­sity fit­ness train­ing, you might wit­ness your­self huff­ing and puff­ing by the end of the ses­sion.

Get your morn­ings su­per­charged and your body toned to per­fec­tion by fol­low­ing the be­low­men­tioned types of Pi­lox­ing work­outs: Pi­lox­ing Bi­cep Curl This full-body take on a reg­u­lar curl will aid in cre­at­ing well-de­fined bi­ceps. Start the ex­er­cise with a warm up with a reg­u­lar bi­cep curl, but add a leg lift in as well to tone and stiffen your arms and core. En­sure to per­form reps on both sides.

the Per­formed to beats of pump­ing is a mu­sic, Pi­lox­ing work­out for those who wish to see quick re­sults and tone their bod­ies.

Box­ing Bi­cep Curl Wear­ing the Pi­lox­ing half­pound gloves, you must slowly take your arms to your sides. This must be fol­lowed by rais­ing them to shoul­der height, and then curve the el­bows so your hands are pointed to­wards the di­rec­tion of the ceil­ing. Be­gin with bi­cep curls into your shoul­ders, then over­turn the mo­tion and take them down­wards. Then al­ter­nate tak­ing them up­wards and down­wards.

Pi­lox­ing Tri­cep Ex­ten­sion While per­form­ing this ex­er­cise, you must bend at your waist so that your body is on a slight for­ward an­gle. Your chin should be in line with your neck. Raise your arms along­side your side and start hing­ing back from your el­bow, tak­ing your hands up­wards and back­wards be­hind your body. Ad­di­tion­ally, you must raise one leg and pulse the leg at the sim­i­lar time as you work your glute, core and arms.

Speed Twist Be­gin the ex­er­cise with a speed bag mo­tion in which you need to cir­cle your hands around each other at shoul­der height on the right side. Per­form about 8 reps and then do the same on the left. By al­ter­nat­ing back and forth at shoul­der height, you must add in the two low­er­most cor­ners, 8 counts on the top right po­si­tion, 8 counts to­wards the top left, 8 counts to­wards the lower right end and 8 counts to­wards the lower left. By cen­tring your­self, you must keep those speed­bag arms go­ing and be­gin to switch your spine from side to side which pow­er­fully en­gages that core while ton­ing those arms. Rea­sons why you should try Pi­lox­ing: En­ables you to burn about 1,200 calo­ries per hour: The fine com­bi­na­tion of Pi­lates and box­ing can be con­sid­ered as car­dio as it will up­surge your rate of heart up to 130-140 beats per minute. This core- in­ten­sive ex­er­cise will aid in burn­ing ap­prox­i­mately 1,200 calo­ries per hour. It will also fa­cil­i­tate in fix­ing your weight loss goals.

Tones and re­in­forces mus­cles: Pi­lox­ing will be­stow you with chis­elled, for­ti­fied and

toned mus­cles. It will aid your mus­cles to work to their full ca­pa­bil­ity.

Pre­vents in­jury: It re­cov­ers your bal­ance and makes your body ro­bust and sturdy. It makes you more flex­i­ble to move­ments and ad­vances your mus­cle mass and the range of mo­tion. This will aid in avert­ing in­juries. Pi­lox­ing will not only brace your mus­cles but will also erad­i­cate stiff­ness.

Im­proves flex­i­bil­ity: The move­ments in­volved in Pi­lox­ing will ex­tend the mus­cles and make you sup­pler. You will also be able to re­cover the range of mo­tion and ex­e­cute bet­ter. Your body sta­bil­ity will also re­cover with Pi­lox­ing.

The fine com­bi­na­tion box­ing of Pi­lates and can be con­sid­ered as car­dio as it will up­surge your to rate of heart up per 130-140 beats minute. This cor­ein­ten­sive ex­er­cise will aid in burn­ing 1,200 ap­prox­i­mately calo­ries per hour.

Pi­lox­ing will be­stow you with chis­elled, for­ti­fied and toned aid mus­cles. It will to your mus­cles work to their full ca­pa­bil­ity.

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