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Use your body as a tool to build it­self, by awak­en­ing the senses with sim­ple but ef­fec­tive tech­niques.

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Strengthen your senses


It is now a uni­ver­sally val­i­dated sci­en­tific fact that breath­ing is the sin­gle most im­por­tant fea­ture for op­ti­mum health, fit­ness, wellness and well-be­ing. Reg­u­lated breath is taught to peo­ple when they go to gyms, to swim or to dance, but more­over the breath­ing dis­ci­plines that pranayama of­fers is far su­pe­rior to all. Breath be­comes the sin­gle most im­por­tant point while dis­cussing tools that the body can use to heal it­self. Let me tell you that seven min­utes devoted to breath­ing ev­ery­day will make sure that a min­i­mum of 70 years of your life will be dis­ease-free. Breath­ing awak­ens your senses, as the nos­trils are the gate­way to your brain’s health. The more you breathe nat­u­rally, con­sciously and rhyth­mi­cally, the more your brain gets tuned in and in rhythm with the move­ments of the sun, the moon, the plan­ets, the stars and syn­chronic­ity gets estab­lished. It is said that with breath­ing there is a shift in con­scious­ness, es­tab­lish­ing the rhythm of the heart, which fur­ther de­ter­mines the flow of the body. So syn­chronic­ity, rhythm and flow, all put to­gether awaken our senses and make our brain alert, im­prov­ing our cog­ni­tive strengths ex­po­nen­tially.

Sleep Well

When you sleep and rest in the night, that is the time all re­pair, re­vi­tal­iza­tion and re­ju­ve­na­tion hap­pen, and this even­tu­ally sup­ports and en­sures growth. It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that growth hap­pens in the night. The day gives rise to catabolic ac­tiv­ity while the night is the do­main of an­abolic ac­tiv­ity. All hu­mans grow pre­dom­i­nantly at night as our sys­tems get re­stored and healed while at rest. So please en­sure that your rest is deep, sound and alone and by that I mean, that you sleep by your­self. Do not take your of­fice, your boss, your fam­ily or your stress to bed. Sleep soundly and get whole­some rest out of it.

Eat Plant Diet

An­other key player in build­ing the body is food and I pro­mote plant-based foods which are rich in fi­bre, whole­some and full of vi­tal­ity, tex­tures and colours. They have ev­ery­thing it takes to ful­fill our nutri­tional re­quire­ments, are easy for our bod­ies to di­gest and most im­por­tantly we are able to get har­mo­nized and syn­chro­nized with the Uni­verse.

Smell Them

Now let’s delve in to fur­ther sub­tleties. Start smelling fra­grances such as aro­matic oils, flow­ers, wet earth, green grass, the bark of the tree and the mois­ture in the air along the sea­side. These will heighten your senses be­cause as soon as your body gets in touch with any­thing that is nat­u­ral such as the chirp­ing of the birds, the sound of the flow of the rivers and streams, the sound of the wind and waves, your senses are stim­u­lated and awak­ened and they pro­vide the pos­si­bil­ity for you to draw en­ergy out of them. Vis­ually look­ing at the blue ex­panse of the sky or the vast­ness of the ocean or the im­men­sity of lush rain­forests, or sim­ply look­ing at the beau­ti­ful an­i­mals and all of cre­ation helps us stim­u­late our senses and ex­pe­ri­ence a di­men­sion, which is be­yond the per­cep­tion of our five senses.

Start smelling fra­grances such as aro­matic oils, flow­ers, wet earth, bark green grass, the the of the tree and air mois­ture in the along the sea­side. These will heighten your senses.

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