Gym Buys Look­ing to build a home gym? Here’s your guide to buy­ing the right kind of fiT­NESS EQUIP­MENT...

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Your guide to buy­ing the right kind of fit­ness equip­ment

Buy­ing the right kind of equip­ment is one of the most cru­cial de­ci­sions a gym owner or an in­di­vid­ual has to take when build­ing their fit­ness space. Be­fore pur­chas­ing the equip­ment, it is cru­cial to iden­tify and an­swer three ba­sic ques­tions: 1) Is the ma­chine meant for per­sonal or pro­fes­sional use? 2) Num­ber of peo­ple who will be us­ing the equip­ment 3) The amount of money you would like to spend

Once these ba­sics have been taken care of, the fol­low­ing point­ers need to be pon­dered upon: Space Avail­able: One might have an ex­ten­sive bud­get but if he or she is hand­cuffed by the amount of space avail­able, then no purchase should hap­pen be­fore con­sid­er­ing this con­straint. It is im­por­tant to mea­sure the di­men­sions of the space avail­able, be­fore tak­ing a de­ci­sion on pur­chas­ing any kind of equip­ment. In to­day’s day and age, space crunch is real, but there is equip­ment avail­able in the mar­ket which is sur­pris­ingly space ef­fi­cient. The Prime Leg-curl/ Leg Ex­ten­sion ma­chine is a good buy. It is a dual mode, dual re­sult ma­chine and is ex­tremely space ef­fi­cient and cost ef­fec­tive too.

Bio Me­chan­ics: It is very im­por­tant, es­pe­cially for the strength ma­chines to have the right smooth­ness, along with the fact that the biome­chan­ics of the ma­chine should match your body’s re­quire­ments well. This sim­ply means that it is im­por­tant to try as many move­ments as pos­si­ble on the same ma­chine to un­der­stand the feel of the ma­chine. It is your body which will guide you to­wards un­der­stand­ing the ma­chine and mak­ing the right de­ci­sion. Biome­chan­ics In­tel­li­gence (BI) sup­ported equip­ment will help here, and the Beast Ca­ble Cross Ma­chine will be a good choice. It has been built with the best qual­ity pads and bush­ers, wheels to give the silky smooth pull.

Easy Main­te­nance: Qual­ity home gym or com­mer­cial gyms have one ba­sic re­quire­ment: Ma­chin­ery should be easy to clean. Here, the point to be noted is that most of the good qual­ity ma­chines are pow­der coated and hence do not need any sort of heavy main­te­nance. They just need to be oc­ca­sion­ally wiped clean with a cloth and noth­ing else. The Curve Tread­mill is the per­fect ex­am­ple of easy main­te­nance. It is not only self-pow­ered and more ef­fi­cient on to­tal body weight loss but is also the eas­i­est to main­tain due to its high end floor dura­bil­ity un­like the tra­di­tional tread­mill belts. With just one in­ter­nal cap belt change in a year, the tread­mill does not re­quire any other main­te­nance.

Mo­bil­ity tools: It is of­ten no­ticed that a lot of gym own­ers, be it home gym or com­mer­cial gyms, miss out on buy­ing mo­bil­ity tools such as the crossover sym­me­try, re­sis­tance bands, foam rollers etc. They seem to be the ex­tra, un­nec­es­sary in­ven­tory but these mo­bil­ity tools are in­te­gral for any­one look­ing to be fit. Mo­bil­ity helps in flex­i­bil­ity, build­ing strength and cre­at­ing mus­cle en­durance which is the most im­por­tant fac­tor for mus­cle growth. Add good qual­ity mo­bil­ity tools to your fit­ness space.

Gym equip­ment is pur­chased to get a de­sired phys­i­cal out­come on your body. So to get the de­sired re­sult, the right kind of re­search is es­sen­tial. The above point­ers should surely help iden­tify what is the best ma­chine for you and make the right de­ci­sions.

and In to­day’s day age, space crunch is is real, but there equip­ment avail­able which in the mar­ket is sur­pris­ingly space ef­fi­cient.

Prime Leg-curl/ Leg Ex­ten­sion ma­chine

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