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Although we dream of win­ters with hot steaks and hot choco­late drinks, that’s ex­actly what we should avoid. Have more of green leafy veg­eta­bles and fruits, es­pe­cially citrus fruits rich in vi­ta­min C. Cut down on sweets, cakes, bis­cuits, breads, rice, noo­dles etc. Creamy or milk prod­ucts should be con­sumed in less or mod­er­ate quan­ti­ties. Fish, eggs and cheese are good in this sea­son. Avoid heavy fried food, nam­keen, red meat and al­co­hol. In­stead have nuts, es­pe­cially al­monds and chest­nut. Take vi­ta­mins, zinc and other sup­ple­ments as they in­crease im­mu­nity. Have plenty of wa­ter, fresh fruit juices, clear soups and herbal teas to keep away ill­nesses.


Use luke­warm wa­ter to bathe. Ap­ply mois­tur­izer just af­ter your bath and go for oil-based rather than wa­ter-based mois­tur­iz­ers, as they re­tain mois­ture bet­ter. Even co­conut and olive oils are good mois­tur­iz­ers. Lip care is im­por­tant; use petroleum jelly or Vase­line. For face packs, use honey, yo­ghurt, olive oil, av­o­cado, ba­nana. Ap­ply sun­screen as the win­ter sun can be dam­ag­ing too.


To pro­tect your­self from the cold wind, al­ways wear gloves and scarves. Pro­tect your eyes with plain or num­bered glasses. Win­ter skin is frag­ile so avoid ir­ri­tat­ing fab­rics like rough wool and chem­i­cal-laden de­ter­gents. Use soft ther­mals in­side the shirt and pants. Well-fit­ted light shoes and cozy socks are a must.


Ex­er­cise is good and out­door ex­er­cise in the morn­ing is the best but step­ping out in the open on a chilly morn­ing can be quite an ex­cuse not to ex­er­cise. So shift to an in­door rou­tine like a tread­mill, static cy­cle, gym, dance etc. Rise in the body tem­per­a­ture while work­ing out has a sooth­ing and calm­ing ef­fect on the body too. It strength­ens the im­mune sys­tem to fight off in­fec­tions, and re­leases the feel good chem­i­cals - sero­tonin and dopamine which help re­duce anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion. Ex­er­cise re­duces joint stiff­ness and choles­terol lev­els too.


The de­creased hours of nat­u­ral day­light tend to in­crease de­pres­sion and de­pres­sive feel­ings. Keep the rooms wellil­lu­mi­nated and the cur­tains pulled open for more fresh light to en­ter in. Keep meet­ing people and keep your­self busy. Ad­e­quate sleep re­ju­ve­nates the body for the next busy day.


Com­mon cold and flu are part of win­ter. Wash hands re­peat­edly to keep flu germs away. Bron­chi­tis and bronchial asthma are ag­gra­vated by at­tacks of flu, cold air and over­ex­po­sure to heaters. Blood pres­sure also tends to in­crease in win­ter. And so do the blood su­gar lev­els as ex­er­cise de­creases and eat­ing in­creases, which re­sults in in­crease in ki­los and inches. All these fac­tors also in­crease the chances of heart dis­ease. Proper diet and ex­er­cise re­duce the risk of such ail­ments.

olive Co­conut and oils are good Lip mois­tur­iz­ers. care is im­por­tant; jelly use petroleum face or Vase­line. For packs, use honey, oil, yo­ghurt, olive av­o­cado, ba­nana.

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