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Eat ac­cord­ing to your skin type

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It has long been known that poor diet and high lev­els of stress show up on our skin and though we of­ten can’t con­trol the sit­u­a­tions in life that in­crease our ten­sion, we can con­trol our di­ets. Beauty of the skin is best im­proved from in­side out rather than from out­side in. Dif­fer­ent foods are ab­sorbed at dif­fer­ent rates, and have dif­fer­ent con­cen­tra­tions and types of fats, pro­teins and mi­cro nu­tri­ents. These, when ab­sorbed, act on dif­fer­ent parts of the skin so as to stim­u­late dif­fer­ent skin or­ganelles and al­ter its func­tion.

Food for dif­fer­ent skin types: oily skin

A diet tai­lored to oily skin is largely fo­cused on food that one should avoid. Those with oily or un­even skin, acne or clogged pores usu­ally have di­ets rich in pro­cessed, salty, or carb­heavy food. Avoid­ing ‘fast’ and pro­cessed op­tions, while adding whole food, healthy fats, lots of an­tiox­i­dants, and low-glycemic, whole-grain carbs back into the diet should bal­ance out the skin and de­crease ex­ces­sive oil pro­duc­tion. Al­ter­na­tively, oily skin can also be linked to ex­cess con­sump­tion of dairy prod­ucts. Re­duc­ing the in­take of dairy prod­ucts can help con­trib­ute to slow­ing ex­ces­sive oil pro­duc­tion. Food To Eat For oily skin: Al­monds, co­conut, sweet pota­toes, quinoa, blue­ber­ries, black­ber­ries, green tea.

Com­bi­na­tion skin

A diet tai­lored for com­bi­na­tion skin should be well-bal­anced. Lean pro­tein, fresh greens, cru­cif­er­ous veg­eta­bles and an­tiox­i­dant-rich fruits should make up 95% of the diet. Car­bo­hy­drates should be lim­ited and when con­sumed should be low-glycemic, high pro­tein carbs like quinoa, brown rice or mil­let. Wa­ter in­take is also very im­por­tant in bal­anc­ing skin. Have three-four litres of wa­ter per day. Food To Eat For Com­bi­na­tion skin: Broc­coli, cab­bage, spinach, car­rots, fish like sal­mon, trout and sar­dines, chicken, eggs, olive oil, quinoa, brown rice, mil­let, ragi, peanut.

Dry skin

Dry skin needs to be nour­ished with in­ner hy­dra­tion. Foods rich in omega fatty acids are im­por­tant, in ad­di­tion to drink­ing plenty of fil­tered wa­ter – a min­i­mum of three-four litres per day. Food To Eat For Dry skin: Mack­erel and sar­dines in fish, eggs, av­o­ca­dos, al­monds, cashews, olive oil, co­conut oil.

Adiet tai­lored for com­bi­na­tion skin should be well­bal­anced. Lean pro­tein, fresh greens, cru­cif­er­ous veg­eta­bles and fruits an­tiox­i­dant-rich up95% should make of the diet.

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