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l I do 45 min­utes of car­dio ex­er­cises on an empty stom­ach ev­ery morn­ing, af­ter which I train for an hour ev­ery morn­ing. l When I get bored do­ing car­dio in the gym, I go for a walk, cy­cling, trekking. I don’t like just be­ing on the tread­mill. l I change my work­outs very of­ten, I don’t like stick­ing to the same rou­tine. I do a cou­ple of weeks of heavy lift­ing, then switch on to light weights with more reps, then do func­tional train­ing and so on and so forth… l I don’t gym non-stop ev­ery day. I take reg­u­lar breaks. Diet, sleep, rest and the right amounts of car­dio are very im­por­tant in build­ing a body. l I also be­lieve in play­ing a sport to be fit. When you are just lift­ing weights, you may build a body and look aes­thet­i­cally fit but you may not nec­es­sar­ily be fit.

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