Kick-Start Your Fit­ness

Ex­er­cises to beat the stress of an in­tense work­day...

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1 Morn­ing Prep

Lower-Back Stretch: Sit with your right leg ex­tended out and your left one drawn in to your in­ner thigh. Lean down and grab your right leg with both hands. Keep your back straight. Reach as far as you can. Al­ter­nate legs. This helps pre­vent pain from sit­ting too long.

2 Mid-day Work­out

Calf Stretch: Place both hands on a wall or counter. Place your right leg for­ward with your knee bent; stretch back your left leg, keep­ing your full foot on the floor. Al­ter­nate legs. This lim­bers up your calf mus­cles and is ben­e­fi­cial be­fore and af­ter walk­ing or run­ning.

3 Evening Ex­er­cise

Shoul­der-Neck Stretch: Grab a towel and drape it over shoul­der. Use your other hand to grab the towel from be­hind. Pull gen­tly in the op­po­site di­rec­tion while bend­ing your head and neck away from the towel. Switch sides. This relieves neck ten­sion.

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