Clut­tered home? You’re stressed

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Do you have a clut­ter prob­lem? If you have to move things around in or­der to ac­com­plish a task in your home or at your of­fice or you feel over­whelmed by all your ‘things’, it’s a strong sig­nal that clut­ter has pre­vailed. And it might be stress­ing you out more than you re­alise.

Clut­ter is an over­abun­dance of pos­ses­sions that col­lec­tively cre­ates chaotic and dis­or­derly liv­ing spa­ces, said Joseph Fer­rari, a pro­fes­sor of psy­chol­ogy at DePaul Uni­ver­sity in Chicago. And a clut­tered home, re­searchers are learn­ing, can be a stress­ful home.

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