Hindustan Lucknow ST (Hindi) : 2019-02-10

मुखपृष्ठ : 21 : 21


21 QZVF 1961 ¸FZÔ IY³FFOXF ¸FZÔ d³F¹FF¦FiF þ»F´Fi´FF°F IYe ´F³Fd¶Fþ»Fe ´FdSX¹Fûþ³FF ÀFZ d¶Fþ»Fe IYF CX°´FFQ³F VFbøYÜ dQ³F AFªF IYF »F£F³FDY SXd½F½FFSXX 10 RYSX½FSXe 2019 z z z BIOLOGY OR 9. OR Construct a grazing food chain and detritus food chain using the following five links each. Write the type and location of the gene causing (a) What is primary productivity ? Why does it vary CBSE, Class 12 in different types of ecosystems ? thalassaemia in humans. State the cause of the Earthworm, Bird, Snake, Vulture, Grass, Grasshopper, Sample Question Paper (2019) disease. How is sickle cell anaemia different from this (b) State the relation between gross and net primary 2 Frog, Decaying plant matter. productivity. disease ? OR M.M. : 70 M.T. : 3 Hours 24. A factory drains its waste water into nearby lake. It 19. (a) Name any two fowls other than chicken reared in Name the different steps involved in the process of has caused algal bloom. General Instructions : a poultry farm. decomposition of detritus. (a) How was the algal bloom caused ? (b) Enlist any four important components of poultry All (i) questions are compulsory. 10. Keeping beehives in crop fields has several 3 farm management. (b) What would be the consequences ? (ii) The question paper consists of four sections A, B, C and D. 2 advantages. List any two. 20. A group of youth were having a ‘rave party’ in an (c) 3 Name the phenomenon that caused it ? (iii) Internal choice is given in all the sections. A student has 11. Interpret two effects of loss of biodiversity in a isolated area and was raided by police. Packets SECTION–'D' to attempt only one of the alternatives in such questions. 2 region. of ‘smack’ and syringes with needles were found 25. (a) Describe the formation of mature female (iv) Section–A contains 5 questions of 1 mark each. 12. Identify the two correct statements from the littered around. gametophyte within an ovule in angiosperms. following: (v) Section–B has 7 questions of 2 marks each. (a) Why is taking ‘smack’ considered an abuse? (b) Describe the structure of cell(s) that guide(s) the (a) Apiculture means apical meristem culture. (vi) Section–C is of 12 questions of 3 marks each. (b) Write the chemical name of ‘smack’ and the name 5 pollen tube to enter the embryo-sac. (b) Spinach is iron –enriched. of its source plant. (vii) Section–D has 3 questions of 5 marks each. OR (c) Syringes and needles used by the youth for taking Explain the different phases of menstrual cycle (c) Green revolution has resulted in improved pulseyields. (viii) Wherever necessary, the diagrams drawn should be neat 3 the drug could prove to be very fatal. Why? and correlate the phases with the different levels of and properly labelled. OR 5 ovarian hormones in human females. (d) 2 Aphids cannot infest rapeseed mustard. SECTION–'A' (a) What is metastasis? 26. Transcription in eukaryotes is more complex process SECTION–'C' 1. Thymus of a new born child was degenerating right (b) Differentiate between normal cell and cancerous than in prokaryotes. Justify and compare the from birth due to a genetic disorder. Predict its two 13. (a) How chasmogamous flower is different from 3 cell? initiation, elongation and termination in bacterial impacts on the health of the child. cleistogamous flowers? 21. Biotechnology has helped farmers to get pest 5 cells with eukaryotes. OR (b) Can cross pollination occur in cleistogamous resistant cotton crops. Explain the technique adopted OR 3 flowers? Give reason. Mention the useful as well as harmful drug obtained 3 along with its mode of action. (Mention six points) Observe the representation of genes involved in the 1 from latex of poppy plant 14. Draw a labelled diagram of a sectional view of a 22. Why is earthworm considered a farmer’s friend? lac operon given below – human seminiferous tubules. Label any six parts of 2. Mention the strategy used to increase homozygosity Explain humification and mineralisation occurring 3 it. 1 in cattle for desired traits. 3 in decomposition cycle. 15. (a) Name any two copper releasing IUDs. 3. 1 What is biopiracy? 23. Compare the two ecological pyramids of biomass (a) Identify the region where the repressor protein (b) Explain how do they act as effective 4. Name the source of DNA polymerase used in PCR given below and explain the situations in which will attach normally. 3 contraceptives in human females? 1 technique. this is possible. Also, construct an ideal pyramid of (b) Under certain conditions repressor is unable to OR 5. Very small animals are rarely found in Polar Regions. 3 energy if 200,000 joules of sunlight is available. attach at this site. Explain. 1 Give two reasons. Write down any three control measures to check (c) If repressor fails to attach to the said site what 3 population explosion? OR products will be formed by z, y and a? 16. Explain three basic steps to be followed during TC 1.5 How is snow blindness caused in humans ? (d) Analyze why this kind of regulation is called 3 genetic modification of an organism. SECTION–'B' 5 negative regulation. 17. DNA separated from one cell, when introduced into 6. (a) Name the scientist who suggested that the 27. What are transgenic animals? How such animals are another cell is able to bestow some of the properties SC 11 genetic code should be made of a combination 5 helpful to humans? of former to the latter. What is this change called of three nucleotides. OR in technical terms? Describe the experimental PC 37 (b) Explain the basis on which he arrived at this evidences which led to the discovery of the above (a) How does Bacillus thuringiensis act as a biocontrol 2 conclusion. 3 phenomenon. agent for protecting Brassica and fruit trees? PP 809 7. Explain co-dominance with the help of one Explain. 18. (a) Given below is a single stranded DNA molecule. 2 example. Frame and label its sense and antisense RNA (b) List the components of biogas. PC 21 OR molecule. (c) What makes methanogens a suitable source for Show DNA replication with the help of a diagram PP 4 5’ ATGGGGCTC 3’ sense 5 biogas production? 2 only? (b) How the RNA molecules made from above nn 8. What is mutation breeding? How it has helped in DNA strand help in silencing of the specific 2 improving the production of mung bean crop? 3 RNA molecules? ¶FFG»FeUbOX Ad·F³FZ°FF ¸FWXZVF AF³FÔQ §FS ¸FZÔ ¸FÈ°F d¸F»FZ ³FFRYSX¸FF³Fe : ÀFaÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F ³FZ 11 RYSX½FSXe IYû dIY¹FF ±FF °F»F¶F, IY¸F ÀF¸F¹F IYF WX½FF»FF QZIYSX ¸F³FF dIY¹FF dMÐX½FMXSX ÀFeBÊXAû IYF ´FZVFe ÀFZ BX³FIYFSX ¸F¶FBÊÜ ¶FFG»FeUbO Ad·F³FZ°FF ¸FWZVF AF³FÔQ I û A²Ô FSZ e dÀ±F°F §FS ¸FÔZ VFd³FUFS ÀF¶b FW ¸F°È F ´FF¹FF ¦F¹FFÜ ´Fbd»FÀF ³FZ I WF dI ¶FZSûªF¦FFS AF³FaQ I BÊ U¿FûË ÀFZ AIZ »FZ ±ûÜ AF³FÔQ I e ¸Fü°F ÀFÔ·FU°F: Qû dQ³F ´FcUÊ Wû ¦FBÊ ±FeÜ ´Fbd»FÀF ³FZ I WF dI C³FIZ VFU I û ´FûÀM¸FFMʸF IZ d»FE Ic ´FS AÀ´F°FF»F 1990 IZ QVFI IZ EI »FûI d´Fi¹F Ad·F³FZ°FF I û C³FI e »FÔ¶Fe AüS ÀF£°F I Q-I FNe IZ d»FE þF³FF þF°FF ±FFÜ 57 U¿FeʹF BÀF Ad·F³FZ°FF ³FZ I BÊ dR »¸FûÔ ¸FZÔ ¸Fb£¹F J»F³FF¹FI I e ·Fcd¸FI F d³F·FFBÊ ±Fe, I BÊ U¿FûË ÀFZ UW ¦FÔ·FeS AFd±FÊI ÀFÔI M I F ÀFF¸F³FF I S SWZ ±FZÜ EþÀFe ·FZþF ¦F¹FF W`, °FFdI ¸FÈ°¹Fb IZ ÀF¸F¹F AüS I FS¯F I F ´F°FF ¨F»F ÀFIZ Ü 1980 AüS | kA¦FS I ûBÊ ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F IZ ÀFF¸F³FZ ´FZVF Wû³FZ ÀFZ B³FI FS I S°FF W` °Fû EmÀFZ ¸FF¸F»FûÔ ¸FZÔ I FSÊUFBÊ ´FS R` ÀF»FF SFª¹FÀF·FF IZ ÀF·FF´Fd°F AüS »FûI ÀF·FF À´FeI S I SZÔ¦FZ, ÀFSI FS B³F ´FS R` ÀF»FZ ³FWeÔ »FZ°Fe W`Ül ³FBÊX dQ»»Fe EªFZÔdÀF¹FFa ¸FFBXIiYû ¶»FFGd¦Fa¦F ½FZ¶FÀFFBXMX IYe CX»FMX¶FFaÀFe ...AFÀFF³F ³FWXeÔ ·FFSX°F IYe A³FQZ£Fe dMÐUMS IZ ÀFeBÊAû þ`I OûÀFeÊ AüS VFe¿FÊ Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ ³FZ ÀFc¨F³FF-´Fiüôûd¦FI e (AFBÊMe) ´FS ¦FdN°F ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F IZ ÀF¸FÃF ´FZVF Wû³FZ ÀFZ B³FI FS I S dQ¹FF W`Ü BÀFIZ ´FeLZ C³WûÔ³FZ ´FZVFe IZ d»FE I ¸F ÀF¸F¹F dQE ªFF³FZ I F W½FF»FF dQ¹FFÜ ÀFd¸Fd°F ÀFZ þbOÞZ ÀFcÂFûÔ ³FZ ¹FW þF³FI FSe QeÜ Ad²FI FSûÔ e SÃFF ¸FF¸F»FF : ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F ³FZ ¸FFBIi û¶»FFGΦF¦F UZ¶FÀFFBM IZ Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ ÀFZ ÀFûVF»F ¸FedO¹FF ¸FÔ¨FûÔ ´FS ³FF¦FdSI ûÔ IZ Ad²FI FSûÔ I e SÃFF dI ÀF ´FiI FS I e þF SWe W`, BÀF ÀFÔ¶FÔ²F ¸FZÔ ¨F¨FFÊ IZ d»FE ÀF¸F³F þFSe dI ¹FF ±FFÜ ¹FW §FM³FFIi ¸F EmÀFZ ÀF¸F¹F ÀFF¸F³FZ AF¹FF W` þ¶F QZVF ¸FZÔ OFMF ÀFbSÃFF AüS ÀFûVF»F ¸FedO¹FF 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Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ I F A¸FZdSI F ÀFZ ÀFû¸F½FFS I û ·FFS°F AF ´FF³FF ÀFÔ·FU ³FWeÔ Wû ÀFIZ ¦FFÜ ● ³FF¦FdSI I I F dMнFMS ÀFeBÊAû þ`I OûÀFeÊ ● - ´Fe¹Fc¿F ¦Fû¹F»F, IZÔ ýie¹F ¸FaÂFe W¸F³FZ dMÐUMS IZ þUF¶F I û ¦FÔ·FeS°FF ÀFZ d»F¹FF W`Ü W¸F ÀFû¸FUFS (11 R SUSe) I û BÀF ¶FFSZ ¸FZÔ ¨F¨FFÊ I SZÔ¦FZ AüS AF¦FZ I e I FSÊUFBÊ I SZÔ¦FZÜ 1 R SUSe I û ·ûªFF ±FF ÀF¸F³F : ·FFþ´FF ÀFFÔÀFQ A³FbSF¦F NFIbS Ie A²¹FÃF°FF UF»Fe BÀF ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F ³FZ 1 R SUSe I û EI AFd²FI FdSI ´FÂF d»FJI S dMÐUMS I û ÀF¸F³F dI ¹FF ±FFÜ ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F I e ¶F`NI ´FW»FZ 7 R SUSe I û Wû³Fe ±Fe, »FZdI ³F dMÐUMS IZ ÀFeBÊAû AüS A³¹F Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ I û Ad²FI ÀF¸F¹F QZ³FZ IZ d»FE ¶F`NI I û 11 R SUSe °FI À±Fd¦F°F I S dQ¹FF ¦F¹FF ±FFÜ ÀFcÂFûÔ ³FZ ¶F°FF¹FF dI ÀFd¸Fd°F ³FZ dMÐUMS IZ Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ I û I Se¶F 10 dQ³F I F ÀF¸F¹F dQ¹FF ±FFÜ WF»FFÔdI , dMÐUMS ³FZ A¶F ÀFd¸Fd°F I û AF´FÀFe ÀFW¸Fd°F ÀFZ ¶F`NI IZ d»FE dQ³F °F¹F I S³FZ I F ÀFbÓFF½F dQ¹FF W`Ü -A³FbSF¦F NFIb S, A²¹FÃF, ÀFÔÀFQe¹F ÀFd¸Fd°F (AFBÊMe) AF°FaIYe ¶F³F³FZ ´FFIY þF SWXF A¸FZdSIYe d¦FSµ°FFS WX³FûBÊ ¸FZÔ dIY¸F IZY ÀFF±F UF°FFÊ WXû¦Fe °F`¹FFSXe dIY¸F ÀFZ d¸F»F³FZ IYû »FZIYS CX°ÀFFdWX°F WXcÔ | A¸FZdSI e SFáÑ´Fd°F Oû³FF»O MÑÔ´F ³FZ I WF dI ¸F`Ô CØFS I ûdS¹FF IZ SF¿MÑF²¹FÃF dI ¸F ÀFZ d¸F»F³FZ AüS VFFÔd°F I F WF±F ¶FPÞF³FZ IZ d»FE ¶FWb°F C°ÀFFdW°F WcÔÜ A¸FZdSI e dUQZVF dU·FF¦F ³FZ I WF dI CØFS I ûdS¹FF IZ d»FE dUVFZ¿F A¸FZdSI e Qc°F MÑÔ´F-dI ¸F UF°FFÊ ÀFZ ´FW»FZ ´¹FûÔ¦F¹FFÔ¦F IZ Ad²FI FdS¹FûÔ IZ ÀFF±F dR S ÀFZ ¸Fb»FFI F°F I SZÔ¦FZ, þû Ib L We §FÔMZ ´FW»FZ dVFJS UF°FFÊ IZ EþZÔOZ ´FS ¨F¨FFÊ I S³FZ ¶FFQ CØFS I ûdS¹FF ÀFZ dÀF¹Fû»F »FüMZ W`ÔÜ UFÎVF¦FMX³F EþZÔÀFe | IYMÐXMXS´FÔ±F IYe AûS A¸FZdSIYe ¹FbUF EþZÔÀFe UFÎVF¦FMX³F A¸FZdSI F IZ SF¿MÑ´Fd°F Oû³FF»O MÑÔ´F AüS CØFS I ûdS¹FF IZ ³FZ°FF dI ¸F þûÔ¦F C³F A´F³Fe QcÀFSe ¶FWb´Fi°FedÃF°F dVFJS UF°FFÊ IZ d»FE W³FûBÊ ¸FZÔ ¶F`NI I SZÔ¦FZÜ Qû³FûÔ ³FZ°FFAûÔ IZ ¶Fe¨F VFFÔd°F UF°FFÊ IZ d»FE °F`¹FFSe °FZþe ÀFZ I e þF SWe W`Ü ¹FW ¶F`NI 27 AüS 28 R SUSe I û Wû³Fe W`Ü MÑÔ´F ³FZ QcÀFSe dVFJS UF°FFÊ dU¹F°F³FF¸F I e SFþ²FF³Fe W³FûBÊ 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