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With ref­er­ence to the re­port “Pun­jabi will live de­spite chal­lenges”, the lan­guage faces many real chal­lenges from the Pun­jabis only. In Pun­jab cities, in­clud­ing Am­rit­sar, it is con­sid­ered fash­ion­able to speak a stilted Hindi rather than a flu­ent Pun­jabi by many who call the lat­ter a peas­ants’ lan­guage. Young boys play­ing in streets hurl the choic­est of ex­ple­tives in a flu­ent Pun­jabi, but when some­one speaks to them they re­spond in Hindi. Pun­jabi gets a step-moth­erly treat­ment by ur­ban peo­ple in Pun­jab, Haryana and Hi­machal Pradesh which were part of the state in the past. It is hoped that the de­bate on chal­lenges to Pun­jabi at the World Pun­jabi Con­fer­ence brings in some pleas­ant changes in the mind­set of the Pun­jabis in Pun­jab and neigh­bour­ing states.

PK Hanspaul

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