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There are many new sex­ual iden­tity tags on­line, and ex­perts in In­dia nei­ther know nor recog­nise them all. Some seem to over­lap. A few ex­am­ples:

Al­lo­sex­ual: Some­one who is sex­u­ally at­tracted to oth­ers and feels a de­sire for part­nered sex­u­al­ity

Asex­ual: A per­son who feels no sex­ual at­trac­tion or doesn’t have de­sire for sex Demi­sex­ual: Some­one who is sex­u­ally at­tracted only to peo­ple with whom s/he has formed an emo­tional at­tach­ment Mono­sex­ual: Those at­tracted to peo­ple of only one gen­der

Pol­y­sex­ual: Peo­ple who are at­tracted to more than one gen­der

Pan­sex­ual, Om­ni­sex­ual: Those who have ro­man­tic and sex­ual de­sire for oth­ers ir­re­spec­tive of their gen­ders

An­dro­sex­ual: Those who are at­tracted to men and mas­culin­ity

Gy­ne­sex­ual: Those who are at­tracted to woman and fem­i­nin­ity

Sko­lio­sex­ual: Also spelt as skoli­sex­ual. At­trac­tion to gen­derqueer, trans­gen­der and non-bi­nary peo­ple

Au­to­sex­ual: A per­son who is aroused by his or her own body and prefers to be in­ti­mate with him­self/her­self

Spec­tra sex­ual: the at­trac­tion to a wide range of sexes and gen­der iden­ti­ties

An­drog­y­no­sex­ual: Those at­tracted to an­drog­y­nous peo­ple

Meno­sex­ual: A lit­tle-known ori­en­ta­tion; a per­son who is at­tracted to those who are men­stru­at­ing

Sa­pio­sex­ual: Many don’t con­sider this a sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion; some­one sex­u­ally at­tracted to in­tel­li­gence in oth­ers

Po­mo­sex­ual: A per­son who doesn’t ac­cept or doesn’t fit into any la­bel. Some also con­sider it an al­ter­na­tive to queer

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