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It is not just the phys­i­cal act of sex, but how some­one ex­presses him­self/her­self as a sex­ual per­son, with all the emo­tions associated with it, in­clud­ing at­trac­tion, jeal­ousy and con­cern., among oth­ers.

Sex­ual Ori­en­ta­tion

An en­dur­ing emo­tional, ro­man­tic, sex­ual or af­fec­tional at­trac­tion, or non-at­trac­tion, to other peo­ple. Sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion can be fluid and peo­ple use a va­ri­ety of la­bels to de­scribe theirs.

Sex­ual Iden­tity

It is how one la­bels one­self; how one thinks of one­self in terms of to whom one is ro­man­ti­cally, emo­tion­ally and/or sex­u­ally at­tracted. The most com­mon sex­ual iden­ti­ties are ho­mo­sex­ual, or bi­sex­ual or straight

Sex­ual Pref­er­ence

It is dif­fer­ent from sex­ual iden­tity. Iden­tity is the core of one’s be­ing. It is un­change­able, like gay or straight. Pref­er­ences can change - one can sex­u­ally pre­fer tall or short peo­ple (which can be change­able)

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