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Haryana launches awards to promote good governance

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CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government has introduced an award scheme to promote good governance and reward innovative human resources who make extraordin­ary efforts at workplace.

Officials who have done innovative work in economic, infrastruc­ture and social sector or state flagship programs can apply for awards under the Haryana Good Governance Award Scheme, 2022 (Haryana Sushasan Puraskaar Yojana, 2022).

Chief secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said that the good governance awards will be given at the state and district levels.

For the state level award, the winning individual or team will get a first prize of ₹ 51,000 in cash, second prize of ₹ 31,000 and third prize of ₹ 21,000. At the district level, the first prize will be a cash reward of ₹ 31,000, the second prize of ₹ 21,000 and the third prize of ₹ 11,000. A trophy, and an appreciati­on certificat­e signed by the chief minister (whose copy will be kept in the service book of the employee) will also be given.

The chief secretary said that a maximum of 10 awards will be given at the state level. There will be 2 prizes for the first place, 3 for the second place and 5 for the third position. Similarly, 3 awards will be given in each district for each level. Kaushal said that employees and teams will have to apply for the awards and may send their applicatio­ns to their head of the department. The award scheme is applicable to all employees under group A, B, C and D category employees, including contractua­l and persons working under outsourcin­g policy.

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