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IN THE WORLD OF SUB­STANCE ABUSE, CODE WORDS RULE. ALIA BHATT IS CO­CAINE, KANGANA IS AFEEM AND NAR­GIS FAKHRI IS EC­STASY! When the un­der­world in Mumbai, which speaks its own lan­guage, refers to ‘Sul­tan’ on the phone, you can be sure that a drug deal is be­ing struck and the ‘Sul­tan’ in ques­tion isn’t Bol­ly­wood su­per­star Sal­man Khan, but the sup­plier or or­gan­iser of the drugs. This hot tip comes from po­lice sources in Mumbai’s Crime Branch. Tapped phone con­ver­sa­tions ear­lier had the cops won­der­ing what the men they were af­ter meant when they said that “‘Sul­tan’ is al­ways late” and “the last time ‘Sul­tan’ proved a box of­fice hit”. But the cops soon broke the code. Sub­se­quently, they dis­cov­ered that it wasn’t just Sal­man Khan who was favoured by the drug deal­ers of Mumbai, but also Bol­ly­wood’s other stars. And the stars’ names were used to iden­tify the fol­low­ing: Ran­veer Singh: Ped­dler Ranbir Kapoor: Host Alia Bhatt: Co­caine Kangana Ranaut: Afeem (a poppy de­riv­a­tive) Katrina Kaif: Smack Priyanka Chopra: LSD Anushka Sharma: Hashish Nar­gis Fakhri: Ec­stasy

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