Kelvin makes his staff do push-ups ev­ery time they make a mis­take in the kitchen

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play sports in school but never ex­er­cised be­yond that. “I was al­ways a big kid,” he shrugs.

When Chueng re­turned to Mum­bai, a cus­tomer at one of his restau­rants told him about cross fit train­ing. “Some of my friends in Chicago were into it and I would laugh at them be­cause, at that time, the rou­tine seemed silly to me,” he re­calls. But he at­tended his first ever cross fit class be­cause he was soon to be mar­ried. “I was al­ready near­ing 40. I knew we would soon start a fam­ily and work would get more in­tense. I wanted to be healthy for my wife, my kids, my staff and cus­tomers,” he says. “When I got to the class, I was so un­fit. A burqa-clad,

“I tell peo­ple that one vada pav is 300 calo­ries, which can be burnt by half hour of freestyle run­ning on the road. If you have three, that’s an hour and a half!” —Kelvin Che­ung

mid­dle-aged lady shamed me when she climbed on the bars and did pull-ups like a pro while I was puk­ing all over the place from se­vere ex­haus­tion!”


“I tell peo­ple that one vada pav is equal to half an hour of run­ning. One vada pav is about 300 calo­ries, which are burnt by a half hour of freestyle run­ning on the road. If you are go­ing to have three vada

pavs, that is an hour and a half of work­out. That is about 15,000 steps. Are you ready for that?” asks Goila. “But I don’t have that prob­lem be­cause I have been run­ning all these years, so I can eat any­thing! That is what run to eat is about.”

Kelvin also ex­er­cises to be able to eat what he wants, but his aim is to eat as healthy as pos­si­ble so he can in­dulge when he wants to. “That is key for most peo­ple,” he says. “Of course, I have cheat days but be­cause of my work­outs, I am still mak­ing progress. You should not be de­prived or not be able to eat what you want when you want to.”

Sim­ple de­pri­va­tion does not work, says Goila. To be truly fit, you have to first get your mind ad­justed to the fact that you want to change your habits.

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IN MY TUMMY Chef Kelvin Che­ung’s In­sta­gram ac­count is the per­fect bal­ance be­tween eat­ing your heart out and sweat­ing it out too

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