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GEETIKA VISHAL JOSHI (35) & (42), ENTREPRENEURS SOMETIMES GOOD THINGS FALL APART, SO THAT BETTER THINGS CAN COME TOGETHER! 2 je a J VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER J Geetika and Vishal who connected via a wrong number, are now inseparable! Fifteen “VISHAL HAS ADJUSTED MORE TO MY LIFE THAN I DID TO HIS. I LOVE THAT!” years ago, Vishal phoned Geetika on her landline by mistake. He was looking for an electronics showroom. He found a friend. “I was completing my graduation, and Vishal was getting married at that time,” says Geetika. “Gradually, both of us lost touch. Then in 2017, I called Vishal to say goodbye as I was moving to Abu Dhabi for my new professional assignment. That was when I learned that Vishal had gone through a bitter divorce. I myself was going through a rough phase in my marriage and soon parted ways with my husband. Renewing our friendship, we found peace in each other’s company. Last year, we decided to marry.” Today, despite their long-distance relationship, —GEETIKA JOSHI HAT? W O H W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W they are both very happy. “After a bad and bitter first marriage, I was shattered and wary about a new relationship,” says Vishal. “But Geetika brought back love in my life.” Vishal: “I’m gifting her a Louis Vuitton bag” On Geetika: Dress, Zara; shoes, Haute Curry; earrings, Lovisa On Vishal: Suit, Zara; shirt, Pierre Cardin; shoes, Allen Solly; watch, Fossil LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Geetika: I love how he adjusted to my life more than I adjusted to his. I hate him for being lazy, casual and nagging me while I am shopping as I am a big shopping freak. I love the way Geetika cares for my entire family. But don’t like her love for shopping! Geetika: “I’m buying an Emporio Armani watch for him” Vishal: KULPREET FREDDY VESUNA (45) & (45), BUSINESS PEOPLE 6 IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER Kulpreet matched with Freddy on a matrimonial website and they live happily with his son despite religious differences After going through marriages that involved court dramas, lies and deceit, both Kulpreet and Freddy were disillusioned and untrusting. Nevertheless, they were firm about moving forward, and each signed up on a matrimonial website where they found each other. Six years later, Freddy is totally content. “I enjoy an amazing and loving marriage, which, to date, comes with daily surprises,” he grins. While Kulpreet says that her marriage to Freddy makes her feel complete, she had serious doubts about a second marriage six years ago. “We both belong to different religions and Freddy had a grown up son too,” says Kulpreet. “I confided these doubts to Freddy and he helped me sort them out. Today, I am a strong believer in second chances.” W O H W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W Freddy: “A ride together on a Harley Davidson Fatboy from Pune to Goa and three nights stay, enjoying sun-kissed beaches” On Kulpreet: Dress, And; shoes, Clarks; ring and bangles, Tbz; watch, Tommy Hilfiger On Freddy: Shirt, H&M; suit, Benz; shoes, Lee Cooper “AFTER MEETING FREDDY, I AM A STRONG BELIEVER IN SECOND CHANCES” LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Kulpreet: gajar He makes amazing halwa and Spanish omelettes. What irritates me is his habit of leaving his wet towel on the bed. She is a pure-hearted and a happy-go-lucky person. And, on a lighter note, she speaks too much. ka Kulpreet: “A new biker’s jacket” Freddy: —KULPREET VESUNA FEBRUARY 10, 2019 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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