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28 SIMPLY SERENE A view of Lisbon city from the River Tagus A few centuries after Vasco da Gama’s ‘discovery’ of India, we decided to trace his steps, albeit in reverse. Portugal has everything a traveller could wish for: scenic views, history, fantastic food and drink, and of course shopping. The people are friendly and more than glad to stop for a chat. It is not as expensive as some other European countries. There is a saying among the locals about the weather: If you don’t like it, wait for five minutes, it’ll change. Sunny skies could be replaced by storm clouds Fátima, Batalha and the dramatic Hieronymite Monastery, enjoying a delicious Pasteis de Nata (pastries traditionally made at Christmas time, but available yearround) or two along the way. Heritage Site of the Hieronymite Monastery, an exquisite testament to 15th century Manueline architecture (Portuguese late Gothic style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century) and art. We spent the rest of our day meandering through the cobblestone lanes of Bairro Alto. We took a half-day trip to the historic towns of Cascais and Queluz and returned to Lisbon to enjoy a traditional Portuguese dinner. You could try some Portuguese favourites, the bunless burger, Azorean steaks, croquettes or vegetable soup. Portugal being mostly coastal, the natives’ love for the ‘frutos do mar’ or fruits of the sea is on another level. One of the favourites is or dried salted cod. The Portuguese love their sweets and pastries and it is perfectly acceptable to have a pineapple upside down cake at breakfast! We visited the Rococo-style Palace of Queluz before passing through the fashionable resort of Estoril. We felt like explorers of yore, travelling through the fishing village of Cascais with its beautiful mansions. CAPITAL ARRANGEMENTS Bem-vindo a Lisboa. A sea of pastel pinks, yellows and blues dot the seven hills of the romantic Portuguese capital. We delved into Lisbon’s centuries-old seafaring heritage today, and paid tribute to the brave men who set off from THERE’S A SAYING AMONG LOCALS ABOUT THE WEATHER: IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, WAIT FOR FIVE MINUTES. IT’LL CHANGE! bacalhau these shores to discover a new world. We admired the shimmering white Monument of the Discoveries, the iconic suspension bridge spanning the River Tagus, and Belém Tower, built to commemorate Vasco da Gama’s expedition. Lisbon’s 25th April ‘Golden Gate’ bridge reminded us of the one in San Francisco, often called its twin sister. We saw the Unesco World in a matter of minutes. This means you must dress in layers and always carry an overcoat and an umbrella. We let the melancholic trill of the fado guitar follow us from Manueline Lisbon to Baroque Porto and the sun-soaked beaches of Vilamoura. We wandered through the medieval cities of Óbidos, Évora and Guimarães, and visited the religious landmarks of BY THE BOOK Porto is also home to Livraria Lello, one of the most beautiful book stores in the world FEBRUARY 10, 2019 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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