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Prof DC Sharma any won­der­fully in­tel­li­gent ca­reer as­pi­rants lose their worth when they are put un­der the bind­ing to go with the winds of time. Such re­stric­tions, when un­duly put on them, in­stead of help­ing them, stand against them. Ev­ery hu­man be­ing is ac­tu­ally guided by his own unique fil­ter. That is why, the same sit­u­a­tion at a work­place pro­duces dif­fer­ent re­ac­tions. What is stim­u­lat­ing to you may be tough or bor­ing for oth­ers and vice versa.

Yet, it is a com­mon trend among the em­ploy­ees to go with the winds. They try to do as their col­leagues do. Just a count­able few dare to do their work dif­fer­ently. And those who do dif­fer­ently are not liked by oth­ers. The same is the rule with our cul­ture and tra­di­tions. We are bound to go as per our cul­tural val­ues and tra­di­tions. And those who dare to go against any of these tra­di­tions are not

Mliked. Some peo­ple are even shunted out of their cul­tures on the pre­text that they have brought a slur to their name and fame.

The ques­tion is, whether such peo­ple should re­ally be pun­ished like that? Or should the au­thor­i­ties learn to deal with them with dif­fer­ent way, which is pos­i­tive in na­ture? When an em­ployee solves a prob­lem at the work­place by adopt­ing dif­fer­ent method­ol­ogy that helps in en­hanc­ing his pro­duc­tiv­ity, should he be praised for his good work, or should he be asked to re­vise the work done and fol­low the method of do­ing things as adopted by the crowds?

The best ex­am­ple of a dis­tin­guished per­son­al­ity who dared to dif­fer is that of Dar­win. When Dar­win pub­lished his the­ory of evo­lu­tion in his 1859 book ‘ On the Ori­gin of Species’, he was crit­i­cised to the hilt by the or­tho­doxy. His dis­cov­ery was treated as a threat to the cul­tural world. Peo­ple were not ready to ac­cept his dis­cov­ery. Some even threat­ened him, but he did not budge an inch. He knew that his dis­cov­ery was not to chal­lenge any­one but to ben­e­fit the hu­man­ity at large. So he went on with his dis­cov­ery with a cal­cu­lated mind and a clear con­science, which ul­ti­mately brought to him name and fame and also rev­o­lu­tionised the world of sci­ence.

So to get at the top of your ca­reer, dare to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. But you must never for­get the fact that it hap­pened to a large num­ber of good em­ploy­ees, who dared to go against the of­fice norms, even though their work and con­duct were al­ways of dis­tin­guished value and worth. Like the case of Dar­win, who was ig­nored, crit­i­cised, even chal­lenged at first, and who got name and fame later on, thus a dar­ing yet dis­tinct em­ployee must not for­get that name and fame come au­to­mat­i­cally, but they take their own toll first. The pol­icy of ' no pain no gain' stands true in this case also. It is only af­ter tri­als and tribu­la­tions that the sweet fruit is placed at your plat­ter.

If you have a dis­tinct cal­i­bre, a dis­tinct mode of think­ing and a dis­tinct way of do­ing things, rest as­sured that you could reach the top. The seeds of do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent, some­thing rev­o­lu­tion­ary, some­thing wor­thy, are there in you, so you just have to take a plunge into com­pe­ti­tion. It is quite pos­si­ble, that many more peo­ple have a dif­fer­ent mode of do­ing the old things. It is for you to show your worth in a com­par­a­tively bet­ter man­ner than those com­pet­ing with you can do. And once you know the knack of do­ing that only sky is the limit to what you can achieve. (Prof Sharma is a Kan­gra-based psy­chol­o­gist and a noted ca­reer ex­pert with more than 40 years’ ex­pe­ri­ence. He can be con­tacted at di­rec­tor.psy­cho­cure@gmail.com or di­rec­tor.ca­reer­world@gmail.com)

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