Five rea­sons to smile

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Prof Man­har Arora

In this world of com­pe­ti­tion, peo­ple have lit­tle room for hap­pi­ness at work­places. Chas­ing tar­gets, meet­ing dead­lines of projects, keep­ing sub­or­di­nates busy, gen­er­at­ing prof­its for stake­hold­ers, em­ploy­ees are al­ways un­der pres­sure. Due to this pres­sure many em­ploy­ees have now be­come the 'con­verted frowns'. Here the ti­tle of con­verted frowns is used for those who have lost their smiles.

Re­mem­ber when you got of­fer let­ter for the job, how happy and thrilling mo­ment was it? You were ex­cited to share the news of your em­ploy­ment with ev­ery­one you knew. How come that hap­pi­ness has been re­placed by stress, where you don’t laugh even though you want to laugh. God knows what haunts you to laugh freely and charm­ingly. This con­ver­sion from happy face to frown­ing face is a dis­as­ter to your per­son­al­ity. So dear why in this beau­ti­ful world you have be­come alien to hap­pi­ness, why anger, anx­i­ety and panic have be­come your companions? Leave them and get your­self free from all these hur­dles. There are many rea­sons to smile and here I present you the five ma­jor rea­sons that you must smile all the time when you are at your work­place or in your of­fice.

The first rea­son to smile is that you have got a job. Be­lieve me in present sce­nario where liveli­hood has be­come so ex­pen­sive. Imag­ine if you did not have any source of in­come, what would you do? It would be night­mare and by all means no one, who has got an em­ploy­ment, dares to imag­ine this. Thanks the almighty for what you have; just see around and feel the frus­tra­tion of peo­ple who are strug­gling to get a job. Com­pare your po­si­tion with them and feel at the top of the world. Bring smile on your face and re­main happy for your achieve­ment--the achieve­ment of hav­ing a job. Look­ing at the global eco­nomic con­di­tions, the per­sons hav­ing a job and desk to work are re­ally blessed per­sons.

Sec­ond rea­son is that you have been given an op­por­tu­nity to per­form. This is quite cru­cial as com­pe­ti­tion is in­tense, ex­pec­ta­tions are high, but there is no dearth of tal­ents, what ev­ery one looks at is to get a chance to per­form. In your case you are in your of­fice that means you have some du­ties to per­form. Hence a chance has been awarded to you in the shape of du­ties to per­form and to nur­ture your tal­ents. An op­por­tu­nity to per­form is just like dream com­ing true. There are sev­eral tal­ented peo­ple around us, but will­ingly or un­will­ingly they are never been of­fered a chance to per­form. Their tal­ents die within and they cry for help ev­ery mo­ment. Imag­ine their psy­cho­log­i­cal state, where they want a sin­gle chance to per­form and they are not get­ting it. While in of­fice there are num­ber of op­por­tu­ni­ties that let you rise in your ca­reer and above all awards you to of­fer more chances for other to per­form. So in this re­spon­si­ble state there are al­ways rea­sons to smile. Per­form when you smile and smile when you per­form.

Third rea­son to smile is, to be­lieve in your­self that you are a con­trib­u­tor and af­ter 9am start count­ing your deeds that you do for oth­ers. Def­i­nitely they would be in good num­bers. See the changes brought about by your ef­forts in oth­ers lives, while ren­der­ing your ser­vices. Look around, the build­ings, houses, ap­pli­ances, roads, tech­no­log­i­cal gad­gets, ser­vices in ed­u­ca­tion, health, busi­ness, re­tail and many more, all are chang­ing and mak­ing our life more com­fort­able and mean­ing­ful. While work­ing un­der the scorch­ing sun, de­liv­er­ing ser­vices in freez­ing zone, stand­ing against thun­der­storms and rain, you are work­ing and you are con­tribut­ing. Con­trib­u­tor al­ways de­serves the smile on face.

Fourth rea­son to smile is that when you are in your of­fice, you are cre­at­ing jobs and em­ploy­ment for oth­ers. Think for a mo­ment that some­one must have cre­ated a job for you, so it be­comes your re­spon­si­bil­ity to cre­ate jobs for the job­less. Ev­ery sin­gle job of­fered to an in­di­vid­ual is help­ing his/her en­tire fam­ily to meet their earthly de­mands of life. As men­tioned ear­lier, when any­one gets an em­ploy­ment, there is a smile on his/her face. When you see smile on other’s face due to your deeds and per­for­mances, smile re­turn back to you as a boomerang. Hav­ing un­der­stood your re­spon­si­bil­ity as a per­son who can cre­ate jobs for oth­ers and be­come an in­stru­ment of smile, it is nat­u­ral that you would keep smile on your face.

Fifth rea­son to smile is that you get paid for your work. It would be sur­pris­ing for you, and you may think what about this rea­son. It is ob­vi­ous, if one works he/she gets paid. For those who have this query, I of­fer this fifth rea­son to smile. You per­form var­i­ous works at your home for fam­ily mem­bers; also you in­dulge in many ac­tiv­i­ties in your neigh­bor­hood, but are you paid for those? I am afraid, not. You take chil­dren to school, wife for shop­ping, cook food for fam­ily, teach chil­dren, clean your house and sur­round­ings, etc, if you do all these ac­tiv­i­ties at of­fice, as your pro­fes­sion, you get paid. Thus, there is very well valid rea­son to smile in your of­fices. You must keep smil­ing at all the times. Life is beau­ti­ful and you must re­spect it by pro­vid­ing smile to ev­ery­one’s face.

An op­por­tu­nity to per­form is just like dream com­ing true. There are sev­eral tal­ented peo­ple around us, but will­ingly or un­will­ingly they are never been of­fered a chance to per­form. Their tal­ents die within and they cry for help ev­ery mo­ment. Imag­ine...

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