In­no­va­tion can be in­tro­duced at ev­ery level. It is not nec­es­sary that it should start from the top through a ma­jor pro­ce­dural change

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can bring real mean­ing to their jobs. Mean­ing­ful works are ex­press­ible and can be il­lus­trated by the em­ploy­ees. Many em­ploy­ees do not know why they are do­ing a job. They have straight an­swer that we have been told to do so that is why we are do­ing it. Ev­ery em­ployee and ev­ery em­ployer must en­sure mean­ing­ful works at work­places. Defin­ing mean­ing will by de­fault in­tro­duce in­no­va­tion and will im­prove the work sat­is­fac­tion. Be­cause “mean­ing­ful” work is sub­jec­tive, en­abling em­ploy­ees in­flu­ence over the goals they wish to pur­sue in an or­gan­i­sa­tion, which is an im­por­tant way of en­sur­ing that they are ful­filled.

You want to be dif­fer­ent, so be dif­fer­ent al­ready

In­no­va­tion is about do­ing things dif­fer­ently. If any­one wants to be dif­fer­ent then so be dif­fer­ent al­ready. Try to change the things as they are hap­pen­ing. Try to bring new­ness in ev­ery­day’s work. Try to be­have dif­fer­ently, but humbly with ev­ery­one. Try to re­main happy, be­cause, be­ing happy is again an in­no­va­tion that makes you dif­fer­ent. Try not to be­come crowd all the time, be the ini­tia­tor, hav­ing men­tioned that some times it is ex­pected to be the part of the crowd, as giv­ing other’s equal chance is also an in­no­va­tion.

In the be­gin­ning of the ar­ti­cle it is men­tioned that ev­ery­day is a won­der­ful day. It comes with lot of won­ders, some are pleas­ant and oth­ers un­pleas­ant. The word “day” com­prises three let­ters and for the peo­ple who want to re­main mo­ti­vated and want to achieve success, this word can be an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of “Dif­fer­ently All Yours”. So ev­ery morn­ing when you wake up of­fer your­self to the world whilst say­ing dif­fer­ently all yours and then see the won­ders that hap­pen and you will say I have a won­der­ful day to­day. (Prof Arora is a Pun­jab-based ca­reer skill de­vel­oper with more than 15 years of busi­ness ex­pe­ri­ence. He can be con­tacted at aro­ra_­man­[email protected]­iff­

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