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Although gas­tric and psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­eases are not al­ways linked to­gether but some time there is a strong con­nec­tion be­tween them. These dis­eases are rarely life threat­en­ing but they squeeze the spirit and hap­pi­ness of life. Lit­tle ex­cite­ment starts a cramp in his stom­ach or ab­domen and in­duces urge for stool or vom­it­ing. Chil­dren of­ten vomit be­fore go­ing to school or af­ter a re­buke. Sim­ple food trou­ble the pa­tient with dis­or­ders like pain, ab­domen, flat­u­lence, acid­ity, con­sti­pa­tion, loose mo­tions, fre­quent stool af­ter eat­ing or drink­ing any­thing, sour/bit­ter eruc­ta­tion's, vom­it­ing etc. If these prob­lems last for months and years they make the pa­tient's life mis­er­able. Nei­ther he can eat any­thing out­side nor can he go any­where freely, be­cause he is al­ways con­scious of his bowls. This af­fects his daily life and makes him ir­ri­ta­ble, anx­ious, angery or de­pressed. It may dis­turb his sleep pat­tern too. The worst part is the tests like ul­tra­sound, en­do­scopies, x-rays, and blood tests are nor­mal .When he goes to gas­trol­o­gist he refers him to the psy­chol­o­gist and the psy­chol­o­gist back to the gas­trol­o­gist af­ter giv­ing him some tran­quil­iz­ers or seda­tives. This forces the pa­tient to think that he is suf­fer­ing from some se­ri­ous and in­cur­able dis­ease that is not be­ing di­ag­nosed. Pa­tient wan­ders from doc­tor to doc­tor and gets sim­i­lar type of medicines and ad­vises of dos and don'ts. Home­opa­thy and Acupunc­ture are very ef­fec­tive for such types of dis­eases. Dif­fer­ent pa­tients get dif­fer­ent medicines for the same dis­ease be­cause of their in­di­vid­ual fac­tors. One may have bad food habits / dis­turbed eat­ing time, sec­ond may have men­tal stress / anx­i­ety and the third may have some ul­cer or sim­ple swelling as the rea­son .There are patent or com­mon medicine in al­lo­pathic for all the pa­tients but in Ho­moeopa­thy match­ing a sin­gle medicine to the pa­tient is the key fac­tor to cure the pa­tient per­ma­nently. Same way Acupunc­ture helps in main­tain­ing bal­ance in gas­tric and other body se­cre­tions Home­opa­thy and Acupunc­ture en­able pa­tient's nat­u­ral re­sis­tance to fight & cure the dis­eases with­out harm­ing his phys­i­cal & men­tal health. Ho­lac clinic.1873 phase 7 Mohali, Dr Sarab­jeet Kaur Makkar DHMS-M.ACU, Dr Gurinder Singh Brar DHMS-M Acu., 01723295226, 2270055,98149-77249

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