Re­place­ment Teeth That Look and Feel Like Your Own

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Repli­cat­ing the nat­u­ral func­tion and ap­pear­ance of your lost teeth can be very dif­fi­cult to ac­com­plish. Fail­ure to re­store miss­ing teeth re­sults in jaw­bone de­te­ri­o­ra­tion, tilt­ing and drift­ing of re­main­ing teeth into the gaps, risk of tooth de­cay and gum dis­ease. Also, op­pos­ing tooth will be­gin to hy­per erupt and be­gin to drift into the open space of the miss­ing tooth, caus­ing bite re­la­tion­ship prob­lem­swhich may fur­ther re­sult in TMJ dis­or­der (prob­lems with the jaw joint). So it's im­por­tant to re­place miss­ing teeth as soon as pos­si­ble for the full func­tion of chew­ing and for a healthy, happy smile.his­tor­i­cally, den­tures or bridge restorations were used as re­place­ments, but with limited re­sults. To­day's den­tal im­plant restorations are vir­tu­ally in­dis­tin­guish­able from other nat­u­ral teeth. Thus they are an ideal op­tion for re­plac­ing miss­ing teeth in peo­ple with good gen­eral& oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to caries, pe­ri­odon­tal dis­ease, an in­jury, or some other rea­son.while high-tech in na­ture, den­tal im­plants are ac­tu­ally more tooth-sav­ing than tra­di­tional bridge­work, since im­plants do not rely on neigh­bour­ing teeth for sup­port& ad­ja­cent teeth need not to be shaved down to fit the crowns. They are nat­u­ral-look­ing re­place­ment for miss­ing teeth, which in­crease the sup­port and sta­bil­ity of full up­per or lower den­ture, en­hanc­ing chew­ing com­fort and in­creases con­fi­dence while smil­ing, talk­ing and eat­ing. Also im­proves your over­all psy­cho­log­i­cal health &aes­thetic ap­pear­ance. Den­tal im­plants re­quire the same care as real teeth, in­clud­ing brush­ing, floss­ing, and reg­u­lar den­tal check-ups. The suc­cess rate of den­tal im­plants is highly pre­dictable& is con­sid­ered an ex­cel­lent op­tion for tooth re­place­ment. Dr Sachin Goyal M.D.S. (Ma­ni­pal) Con­sul­tant Pe­ri­odon­tist & Oral Im­plan­tol­o­gist at Den­tal Ex­cel­lence, SCF43 FF, Phase 3B2 Mohali. 9780459844, 01724631143

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