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Get or­gan­ised to re­alise your full po­ten­tial

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Don’t you some­times think that de­spite clock­ing in hours on end, your work just never gets done? When it comes to be­ing pro­duc­tive, most of us never re­ally reach our full po­ten­tial. How­ever, you can try and change this by fol­low­ing these tips.

your sur­round­ings or­gan­ised: With a clut­tered desk, you of­ten spend half your time just look­ing for the things that you need. The mess is a source of dis­trac­tion and ir­ri­ta­tion. Keep ev­ery­thing in an or­gan­ised fash­ion.

Make a list of your tasks based on both im­por­tance and ur­gency. Iden­tify time-wasters, and elim­i­nate or at least post­pone them for when you have free time.

short but fre­quent breaks: Our av­er­age at­ten­tion span does not ex­ceed 45 min­utes. So, study­ing or work­ing for three to four hours at a stretch is likely to be counter-pro­duc­tive. Take short but fre­quent breaks to be able to put in your best ef­fort con­sis­tently.

re­al­is­tic tar­gets: Do not get over­am­bi­tious. Think about the work at hand and set re­al­is­tic, achiev­able tar­gets. It might help to break down your goals into small, iden­ti­fi­able steps. Al­ways fac­tor in con­tin­gen­cies.

from mul­ti­task­ing: It is an ur­ban myth that mul­ti­task­ing saves time. For most tasks, not only does it not save time but it also leads to in­creased stress and higher chances of er­ror. Fo­cus on one task at a time.

crit­i­cal of your­self? We all make mis­takes; it’s im­por­tant to learn from them and move on. Brood­ing about er­rors will only lead to prob­lems in pro­duc­tiv­ity.

a prob­lem-solv­ing ap­proach: When things go wrong, be pos­i­tive and take a prob­lem-solv­ing ap­proach. Do not in­dulge in blame games; in­stead, eval­u­ate the sit­u­a­tion and take ac­tion.

not let work pile up: Pro­cras­ti­nat­ing is only go­ing to stress you more. Fin­ish your work on time; a dead­line can some­times be your friend.

some fun: Tak­ing time out for things you en­joy do­ing will re­fresh and en­er­gise you, lead­ing to bet­ter out­put.

your suc­cess: Re­ward your­self for a job well done. Pos­i­tive self-strokes will mo­ti­vate you to keep up the good work.

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