Marks for spell­ing mis­takes are de­ducted as per the mark­ing scheme for the English pa­per

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Do ex­am­in­ers deduct marks for ex­ceed­ing the word limit and spell­ing mis­takes, es­pe­cially in the lan­guage pa­pers?

— Ra­jat Though the ap­prox­i­mate word limit is given for short and long an­swer ques­tions and stu­dents are ex­pected to write an­swers within the word limit, no marks are de­ducted for ex­ceed­ing the word limit. Marks for spell­ing mis­takes are de­ducted as per the guide­lines in the mark­ing scheme in the English lan­guage pa­per. Should one write the an­swers in the same se­quence as the ques­tions in the pa­per? Though many peo­ple of­ten ad­vise that one should first at­tempt ques­tions that one finds eas­ier first, there is also a view that an ex­am­iner would pre­fer an­swers in the se­rial or­der.

— Shikha Ques­tions can be an­swered in any se­rial or­der and no marks will be de­ducted for not fol­low­ing the same. How­ever, can­di­dates should en­sure that the se­rial num­bers of the ques­tions are given cor­rectly and dis­tinctly and all parts of the ques-

tion are at­tempted to­gether. Please tell me about the com­mon mis­takes to avoid in the Class 12 ac­coun­tancy board exam.

— Suresh The stu­dents usu­ally com­mit the fol­low­ing mis­takes while at­tempt­ing their ac­coun­tancy pa­per: Post­ing in wrong ac­counts In­cor­rect cal­cu­la­tions Wrong for­mat­ting of ac­counts and wrong or in­com­plete nar­ra­tions

Not writ­ing the unit of the ra­tios in the ra­tio based ques­tions such as turnover ra­tios (times), prof­itabil­ity ra­tios (%) etc

Not show­ing work­ing notes wher­ever asked

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