‘Can I get above 9CGPA in the sum­ma­tive as­sess­ment exam?’

Tak­ing Class 10 or Class 12 Boards? Here’s some valu­able ad­vice from CBSE

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I am a Class 10 stu­dent. Can I get 9 CGPA or above af­ter get­ting 8.4 CGPA in my sum­ma­tive as­sess­ment exam?

Hi­man­shu Cu­mu­la­tive Grade Point Av­er­age (CGPA) is the av­er­age of grade points ob­tained in all the sub­jects ex­clud­ing the sixth ad­di­tional sub­ject as per the scheme of stud­ies. Since CGPA is an av­er­age, with 8.4 in sum­ma­tive as­sess­ment, you need to score to­tal marks higher than the range of 81-90% in the for­ma­tive as­sess­ments and sum­ma­tive as­sess­ments through­out the Class 10 in the main sub­jects in or­der to get a CGPA equal to nine grade points. I am a Class 12 stu­dent. I am not able to com­plete my busi­ness stud­ies course and I can­not con­cen­trate be­cause of the pres­sure. Please help.

Faizan As a se­nior stu­dent, you need to be more fo­cused and or­gan­ised while pre­par­ing. Make a time sched­ule and stick to it. You will not ben­e­fit by build­ing pres­sure. Be prac­ti­cal and get down to stud­ies. Please give me tips to at­tempt the Class 12 busi­ness stud­ies pa­per. Is it okay to at­tempt ques­tions in re­verse or­der?

Piyush The ques­tions may be at­tempted in any or­der in which you feel com­fort­able. How­ever, en­sure that you at­tempt all parts of a ques­tion to­gether at one place. Do at­tempt the Board’s sam­ple ques­tion pa­pers and pre­vi­ous years’ ques­tion pa­pers given on the CBSE web­site: www.cbse.nic.in and dis­cuss the an­swers with your teach­ers. I am go­ing to ap­pear for my Class 12 board ex­ams. I get very con­fused while re­vis­ing busi­ness stud­ies be­cause of so many dif­fer­ent topics and their head­ings in each chap­ter. Please tell me how to deal with it.

Alisha The chap­ter head­ings and sub- head­ings help you in or­gan­is­ing your topics. You may ben­e­fit by co-re­lat­ing dif­fer­ent topics and find­ing their ap­pli­ca­tion to vary­ing sit­u­a­tions. Per­haps draw­ing a con­cept map or flow chart may help you in this. I am aim­ing at scor­ing more than 65 in my physics board exam out of 70. What should be my re­vi­sion strat­egy in those three days which I am get­ting as the prepara­tory leaves?

Ab­hishek Aggarwal It is good that you are as­pir­ing to get ex­cel­lent marks in board ex­am­i­na­tion. You must have pre­pared for the same. You may de­vote more time in solv­ing nu­mer­i­cals, draw­ing cir­cuit di­a­gram/ray di­a­grams and other di­a­grams and an­swer­ing con­cept based ques­tions for this pur­pose. I’m a Class XII stu­dent. Is there a need to prac­tice maths ques­tions from other books as well or the NCERT is enough?

Ab­hi­nav The CBSE rec­om­mends only the text­books pub­lished by NCERT. How­ever, solv­ing ques­tions from other stan­dard learn­ing ma­te­ri­als will pre­pare you bet­ter for the exam. But do not use com­pletely new ma­te­ri­als at this stage. I am a Class 12 stu­dent. My school fol­lows SK Aggarwal for eco­nom­ics. Which other ref­er­ence books would you rec­om­mend for this sub­ject? I have a doubt whether mem­o­ran­dum bal­ance sheet (in dis­so­lu­tion) is in the board syl­labus or not. Could you please sug­gest ref­er­ence books for ac­coun­tancy as well?

Rama Ravikr­ish­nan Text­books pub­lished by NCERT are the only text­books pre­scribed by the Board. How­ever, in or­der to have un­der­stand­ing of the con­cepts cov­ered un­der dif­fer­ent sub-topics, one may have to re­fer to some stan­dard text­books. Dif­fer­ent topics are found to have been dealt dif­fer­ently in var­i­ous text­books. How­ever, it is not ad­vis­able to re­fer to new text­books at this point of time. Even the NCERT text­books in­clude suf­fi­cient num­ber of prac­tice prob­lems. Mem­o­ran­dum bal­ance sheet is not in the ac­coun­tancy syl­labus. I am a Class 12 com­merce stream stu­dent. I’m wor­ried about how to pre­pare for the English pa­per be­cause it’s not easy to score good marks in the sub­ject and for get­ting ad­mis­sion in Delhi Univer­sity, I have to get a good ag­gre­gate. Please sug­gest a way to pre­pare for my English board exam. My friends have joined English tuition classes but I don’t find any scope in join­ing tu­itions.

Sa­jal Seth To score good marks in English please prac­tice the first sec­tion on read­ing skills. Do not worry about the dif­fi­cult words oc­cur­ring in the pas­sage. Just lo­cate the an­swers to the given ques­tions and write in com­plete short and sim­ple sen­tences. In this sec­tion, you can score the max­i­mum marks. Sim­i­larly, in the writ­ing sec­tion, pre­pare some cur­rent topics and learn to write the cor­rect for­mats of the texts like report, no­tice, let­ter ar­ti­cle etc. Read all the lessons of the text books thor­oughly. Can I get any last minute tips? How can I ac­tu­ally work on im­prov­ing my per­for­mance? I am feel­ing very jit­tery and find­ing it hard to man­age things. Please help.

Debarati Ghosh Don’t worry. You have stud­ied well through out the year and with the ex­am­i­na­tion round the cor­ner, you have to re­vise the con­cepts given in the NCERT text books. At­tempt sam­ple ques­tion pa­per and pre­vi­ous years’ pa­pers avail­able on the CBSE web­site within the pre­scribed time limit. Get them eval­u­ated and work on your weak ar­eas. I am pre­par­ing for my Class 10 board ex­ams. I have a prob­lem study­ing chem­istry. What­ever I study, I for­get af­ter a few days. I am un­able to solve sam­ple pa­pers which makes me feel worse. Please help.

Aamir You may prac­tise by writ­ing the chem­i­cal equa­tions and draw­ing re­quired di­a­grams. Study with full con­cen­tra­tion. You may seek help from teach­ers and close friends for your doubts. I have a few queries re­gard­ing the word limit in some ques­tions of English (core) pa­per of Class 12. How does the word count­ing work? Do words com­pris­ing one/two let­ters are not con­sid­ered in the word limit? Does it start from words com­pris­ing three let­ter on­wards? In case of ques­tions per­tain­ing to writ­ing of ad­ver­tise­ments, no­tice in sec­tion B (ad­vance writ­ing skills), is it dif­fer­ent? For ex­am­ple, will a, an, etc. be counted as one word each?

Veron­ica All the words are counted whether it is one let­ter or two let­ters but what is im­por­tant is the con­tent of the text which should have all the re­quired value points. Stu­dents should prac­tise writ­ing 30-50 words for no­tice/ ad­ver­tise­ment etc. and 100-200 words as per the re­quire­ment of the ques­tions for writ­ing the an­swer un­der sec­tion B &C. While you prac­tice at home count the num­ber of words in each line so that you have an idea of how many words in your hand­writ­ing are con­tained in one line of the Board an­swer sheet. I am a Class 12 sci­ence stu­dent. I have prob­lems learn­ing re­ac­tions. I learn them one day and for­get them by next morn­ing. This is mak­ing it im­pos­si­ble for me to study p-block. The chap­ter is so huge that I don’t un­der­stand which topic/ sub-topic I have to con­cen­trate more on. Please help.

Priyam­vada Kamesh­war Do suf­fi­cient prac­tice through writ­ing of chem­i­cal re­ac­tions. Also try to un­der­stand the re­lated chem­istry con­cepts in such re­ac­tions. Learn­ing with un­der­stand­ing will help.

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