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Probe unearths arms dealers’ links to Pak, China

- Karn Pratap Singh karn.singh@hindustant­imes.com

NEW DELHI: Investigat­ion into the internatio­nal syndicate of foreign-made firearms busted on Thursday revealed that its networks are allegedly spread in Pakistan, China, Russia, Nepal and the United States.

The syndicate is primarily operated from Pakistan by relatives of Mohammad Rehan Ansari and his brother Qurban Ansari, who were arrested after a gunfight with special cell sleuths near Indraprast­ha Park late Wednesday night, police said.

Ten pistols, including Walther (German) and Sig Sauer (USA), worth `1 crore, and 157 cartridges were seized. Sources in special cell said the guns are first brought to Pakistan from the countries where they are manufactur­ed, and sent to Nepal. From there it is smuggled into India through the porous Indo-Nepal borders and delivered to the Ansaris.

“Ansaris deliver the consignmen­t to their conduits in DelhiNCR. Lastly, the guns are sold to potential buyers, who are mostly criminals or someone who loves to possess sophistica­ted foreignmad­e guns,” said an investigat­or.

The Ansari brothers told police that two more brothers and relatives were also involved in smuggling foreign-made firearms. All of them are missing after the Ansaris’ arrest.

When the special cell sleuths raided the Ansaris’ native home in Uttar Pradesh’s Khurja, they were shocked to find the house and the lane outside under the surveillan­ce of 50 CCTV cameras. Family members and neighbours claimed the cameras were installed recently for safety. Investigat­ors, however, believe the Ansaris installed CCTVs to keep the police and rivals at bay.

Senior special cell officers have so far ruled out a terror link behind this busted module. But they believe the internatio­nal firearm smuggling network is well organised and active for over five years.

Seventeen mobile phones were seized from the two arrested brothers. Their call detail records are being obtained to identify suspects in India and abroad who are part of the syndicate. Their seized laptop is also being thoroughly examined for clues about their counterpar­ts in Pakistan, Nepal and other foreign countries.

Investigat­ors believe the laptop will provide crucial details about the missing suspects as they communicat­ed with each other through social networking sites to avoid police attention. The scrutiny of their social media accounts would also help police identify the “key players” who are based in Pakistan and Nepal. Sources said the network may be a part of “pschy ops” (psychologi­cal operation) against India, in a bid to destablise the country by pumping in arms.

The police are also looking for Ansaris’ clients. A Delhi-based man is also under police lens.


Two smugglers of sophistica­ted foreign-made guns were arrested after a gunfight near a public park on Ring Road on Thursday Mohammad Rehan Ansari (42) and his brother Qurban Ansari (45) used to smuggle the weapons from Pakistan, special cell sleuths said

They were arrested from near Gate number 4 of Indraprast­ha Park on Ring Road Ten pistols, including Walther (German) and Sig Sauer (USA), worth `1 crore, and 157 cartridges were seized from them

Police sources said the Ansari brothers procured German, Russian and USA-made pistols from Pakistan and smuggled them into India via Nepal

The police had been tracking their movement for the past one month

 ??  ?? The Ansari brothers (hiding faces). HT PHOTO
The Ansari brothers (hiding faces). HT PHOTO

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