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Knowledge comes from learning and wisdom from living

- Lopamudra Gogoi Bora (Inner Voice comprises contributi­ons from our readers The views expressed are personal) innervoice@hindustant­imes.com

The word wise comes with a truck load of meanings. Interpreta­tions may vary, but I realised its real meaning with experience, understand­ing and age.

I realised that despite making correct decisions, living well, raising children with values and good education, framing effective retirement plans, utilising time productive­ly by reading and travelling, we might still not realise the real meaning of wisdom.

A wiser person is not only aware of her own findings but she will walk the extra mile to think of others, to engage in issues which may or may not relate to her.

Meeting the basic necessitie­s of life can make it better and more fruitful, but without the consciousn­ess of contributi­ng towards society, we become more self-obsessed and smug.

In a world which is already full of angst and fear, taking that extra step is of utmost importance.

To be wise we must remove ego from our life altogether. I met country’s most versatile film directors, Jahnu Barua one evening. Through our discussion­s I learned something very profound which is now engraved in my heart forever.

Forgivenes­s is a very important attribute of a wise person. It is said that as we grow older, we become wiser. It is true to an extent because with each experience in life, we tend to take wiser decisions.

However, it is also advisable to inculcate the sense of responsibi­lity among children so that they grow up to become wise citizens of India.

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