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LAXMI INTERNATIO­NAL SCHOOL, KASAN ROAD, MANESAR , GURUGRAM In a year there are many seasons, Summer is my favourite for many reasons.

Summer vacations are the best, All about fun, no more tests. My birthday comes in June, At that time, I am over the moon, I am mad about mangoes sweet, Melons and litchis are a big treat. It’s also a time to have ice cream, About which I always dream. I swim when days become hotter, Just like a fish in the water Everyone loves winters,

But I love summers.


Class 3 B, GD Goenka Public School, Dwarka We are like a bouquet, With different florets, Even with different incense, But the soul is one.

We are like a bouquet Girdled together,

But some insects don’t let us to be in it.

Still the flowers are hogtied like brother together, We should help the earth as there is only one.

Protect my earth from the evils, Else, it would be killed by the hands of devils.

So just reduce, recycle and reuse, If you want the earth’s worth not to lose.

We should lessen the pollution, Or earth will kick half of the population.

We can sow more and more trees, To make it a world full of trees. Don’t be mean,

Pledge to make the earth green.


Class 9B, GD Goenka Public School, Paschim Vihar Because of bond with progenitor’s terra.

We are like a bouquet

Rimmed in love,

But if one flower is plucked, Then it will be scattered

And value will be as just of dust.


Class 9 C,

Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura How insignific­ant is this dust.

From ages, this philosophy comes,

The supreme is the one,

With whom the roll of drums,

Making everything around shun, Looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high How insignific­ant is this dust.

He bows down, she forgets her frown, When he delves into your soul

Making yourself lose control,

The highest is his will,

Without boasting, he remains still He looks at this world with a deep sigh. The victor comes with no realise. Looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high How insignific­ant is this dust.


Class 9 A, JKG Internatio­nal School, Shakti Khand-2, Indirapura­m though the day has just started,

I feel like I have already won.

Birds chirping in my balcony, a peacock cooing - parrot squawk, dressing up for school, drinking my milk and breakfast, becomes soo much fun .... quack! People on foot or bicycles going to work, plenty of walkers in the joggers’ park,

My journey up to my school bus stop, becomes a pollution free blissful walk even after dark.

PM 2.5 under 50 and lush green trees on either side of the road and flowers Hey Aadya! I can see the blue sky and those high rise towers

It sounds like a black and white movie or notes from the early 50’s

But that’s the city I wish to live in, the city of my dreams.

Together with you and me and my NGO Khwaish

I promise to make a better world to live,

At least I will try and wish!


Class 7 B, Springdale­s School, Dhaula Kuan Though it was a mistake,

It was the best thing that ever happened, Yes, it turned peace into chaos,

Still, it was a change that was needed, Passing those tests that life put forth, Of course it wasn’t easy,

But they just made me stronger than ever before.

Didn’t know raising him would be so tough,

The hatred and cruelty are truly overwhelmi­ng

Wanted to die from all the brutality.

Still your face stopped me from committing this sin,

Abortion never an option for me,

I loved you since the first sonogram I saw,

Couldn’t give u your father’s love, my fault,

Still hoping my love would be enough. The mistake I committed, don’t regret it a bit

I carried you within me through all that chaos,

Nine months, loving and caring was my job.

Still not satisfied, my heart continues Promising to take care of you, forever and always.


Class 12 G, Amity Internatio­nal School, Sector-46, Gurugram


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