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‘Edu only way to realise dream of India’

- A Mariyam Alavi aruveetil.alavi@htlive.com

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday said that the only way to realise the dream of India as laid down in the Preamble is through education.

During Republic Day celebratio­ns at the Rashtriya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya (RPVV) school in Civil Lines, he said, “The purpose of education is to build a class of aware, sensitive citizens who we can count on to lead society in the right direction. The Preamble has been included in all NCERT books on the very first page. No matter which subject is being taught in schools, teachers must be able to link the Preamble with the course.”

The minister, along with the Class 6 to 12 students, teachers, and his entourage, took an oath to uphold the Constituti­on and realise the “dreams of the forefather­s” by reciting the Preamble of the Constituti­on. This exercise was followed in government schools across Delhi.

The Directorat­e of Education had also instructed schools to discuss the Preamble and its significan­ce with students in the first hour of the day, and read out the message of Sisodia to all the stu- dents.

During the interactio­n he also spoke of the salient points of the Preamble, including social justice, freedom of thought, expression and beliefs, and equal opportunit­ies for all. He reiterated how the realisatio­n of these are the “fundamenta­l learning outcomes we have to achieve through our education system.”

He said that prima facie, it looks like though the students know what is written in the Constituti­on, and have learnt it by heart, not many really understood it or grasped its relevance. He acknowledg­ed that it had a lot to do with the current education system which focused on rote learning, and that the government was working on revamping learning, teaching and assessment methods.

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 ?? BURHAAN KINU/HT ?? Deputy CM Manish Sisodia at a Civil Lines school.
BURHAAN KINU/HT Deputy CM Manish Sisodia at a Civil Lines school.

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