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Stop this drama, get down to work

Kumaraswam­y’s government has many promises to deliver on


On Saturday Karnataka chief minister and Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswam­y broke down publicly while addressing party workers and claimed that he has been forced to behave like ‘Vishakanta.’ This was with reference to Shiva, one of Hinduism’s divine trinities, who is called the poison-throated one, as he is said to have swallowed poison to save the world, during the great churning of the ocean.

Mr Kumaraswam­y told party workers that he had swallowed the poison of “power” for the sake of Karnataka’s wellbeing. Earlier, his father HD Deve Gowda had claimed that the JD(S) had been “forced” to take the CM’S chair. Instead of indulging in such theatrics, the CM as well as the state would be better served if the focus is on governance-related issues. The infrastruc­ture in Bengaluru is on the verge of collapse. The roads are in an appalling condition, the water supply is patchy, garbage clearance is a hit and miss affair and there are huge power outages. Several other parts of the state are suffering from flooding due to the heavy monsoon.

With a mere 37 seats mainly from the southern districts, the JD(S), owing to the national compulsion­s of the Congress party, finds itself in the driver’s seat . It should seize this unexpected opportunit­y to deliver on its governance promises .

Given that the Congress has more than double the number of legislator­s than the JD(S), it is only natural that it expects its wishes be taken into account before major policy decisions are taken. Mr Kumaraswam­y should work closely with Congress leaders in the state and deliver on the common minimum programme that they have drawn up, instead of seeking the interventi­on of the high command of the grand old party to deal with every little issue. The CM has to deliver on the waiver of farmer loans availed from banks and financial institutio­ns other than co-operative banks. Now, the government is talking of waiving all education loans.

With the elections less than a year away, the CM will need something to show to his credit. But for that, he has to stop these histrionic­s and work to fulfil the coalition’s promises.

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