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nation hindustantimes 11 S U N DAY H I N DU STA N T I M E S , N EW D E L H I F E B R U A RY 1 0 , 2 0 1 9 Transfer of nuns agitating against bishop revoked n RAPE CASE Diocese assures ‘there will be no move to oust’ them from the Kerala convent vents. Another nun, Sister Neena Rose, who is staying with the survivor nun, was asked to report to the Jalandhar convent on January 26. The four nuns had written to Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan seeking his intervention to ensure that their transfer orders were not effected till the trial of the case was over. The survivor nun had also written a separate letter to the chief minister, seeking his help in the matter. “Their aim is to single me out and to harass and torture me. My life will be in danger if such a situation arises,” she said in her letter. Last September, the protest led by the nuns and Catholic reformist forums in Kochi had led to public outrage and demands for action against Mullakkal. A senior member of the Roman Catholic clergy in India, Mulakkal was arrested following allegations by the nun that he repeatedly raped her at the Kuravilangad convent between 2014 and 2016, a charge denied by him. He was given bail after three weeks. HT Correspondent [email protected] n The Jalandhar diocese of the Roman Catholic Church has revoked the transfers of the nuns protesting against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal and assured them that there will be no move to shunt them out of the Kerala convent as long as they as they are needed for the court case. An e-mail was sent to the five nuns, who are staying with the survivor nun, by apostolic administrator of Jalandhar diocese Bishop Angelo Gracias, one of the nuns said in Kottayam on Saturday. The bishop has assured the nuns that “there will be no move from the diocese of Jalandhar to oust” them from Kuravilangad convent in Kottayam district as long as they are needed for the court case, she said. Authorities of Jalandhar diocese could not be reached for comment. On Saturday, the five nuns joined a convention called Save Our Sisters – an outfit floated during the protests last THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: n n n year – in Kottayam where Sister Anupama confirmed receiving the email. She expressed gratitude to all who supported their cause and said they would take the case to its logical end. Just after they arrived, a group of people belonging to the Catholic Federation of India raised slogans saying the nuns were discrediting the whole community. For a while, a tense situation prevailed till the police removed the group from the spot, police said. Last month, the head of their congregation, Missionaries of Jesus under the Jalandhar diocese, had issued transfer orders to four nuns who took part in the protest demanding Mulakkal’s arrest and asked them to join their previously assigned con- (With inputs from PTI) n WEST CENTRAL RAILWAY SOUTHERN RAILWAY if'pekapy fo|qr forj.k fuxe fy0 Engineering Branch NIT Dated : 07.02.2019 MATERIAL MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT E-tender Notice for the supply of stores No.03/2019 date 06/02/2019 E-tender invited is on behalf of the President of India acting through Sr. Divisional Engineer (Coordination), Divisional Railway Manager (Works) West Central Railway, Jabalpur for the following works:- bz&fufonk lwpuk%& fueufyf[kr dk;[email protected] ds fy, vuqhkoh] fo'oluh; ,oa JFTLVMZ Bsdsnkjksa ls fufonk;sa nks Hkkxksa esa vkeaf=r gsa] tks fnukad 08-03-2019 dks 14-00 cts rd izkir dh tk;sxh vksj mlh fnu 1600 cts lkoztfud :i ls [kksyh tk;sxha bz&fufonk la0& [email protected]&19 [k.m ds vurxzr vf/k'kklh vfhk;urk] fo|qr forj.k [k.m&izfke] ckxir ds fohkkxh; iz;ksxkfkz ,d ux Mhty pkfyr okgu Mªkbzoj o"kz 2019&20 gsrq miyc/k djkuka /kjksgj jkf'k vadu 3000-00] fu/kkzfjr fufonk 'kqyd 590-00A bz&fufonk la0 [email protected]&19 [k.m ds vurxzr mi[k.m vf/kdkjh] fo|qr forj.k mi[k.m] ckxir ds fohkkxh; iz;ksxkfkz ,d ux Mhty pkfyr okgu e; Mªkbzoj o"kz 2019&20 gsrq miyc/k djkuka /kjksgj jkf'k vadu 3000-00] fu/kkzfjr fufonk 'kqyd 590-00A bz&fufonk la0& [email protected]&19 [k.m ds vurxzr mi[k.m vf/kdkjh] fo|qr forj.k mi[k.m] vehauxj ljk; ds fohkkxh; iz;ksxkfkz ,d ux Mhty pkfyr okgu e; Mªkbzoj o"kz 2019&20 gsrq miyc/k djkuka /kjksgj jkf'k vadu 3000-00] fu/kkzfjr fufonk 'kqyd 590-00A bz&fufon la0& [email protected]&19 fo|qr forj.k mi[k.m] ckxir rfkk vehauxj ljk; gsrq ,d&,d ux 7-5 fd0ok0 Mhty pkfyr tujsvj o"kz 2019&20 gsrq miyc/k djkus dk dk;za /kjksgj jkf'k vadu 2000-00] fu/kkzfjr fufonk 'kqyd 590-00A fufonk 'kqyd o /kjksgj jkf'k ,u0bz0,[email protected],l0 ds ek/;e ls ,sfdll csad ckxir ds [kkrk la0& 912020031227467 vkbz0 ,Q0lh0 dksm esa tek djkdj csad tek dk lk{; ;Fkk ;kst; ;w0vh0vkj0 la[;k is&bu flyi dh ewyizfr vu; vko';d izi=ksa ds lkfk fufonk ds izfke Hkkx esa viyksm fd;k tkuk vko';d gs rfkk fufonk ds f}rh; Hkkx esa flqz njsa Hkjs tk;sxha fufonk izi=ksa dh fczdh dsoy th0,l0vh0 esa iathd`r Qeksz dh Lohdkj dh tk;sxh bz&fufonk osclkbzv ij fnukad 08-03-2019 dks 14-00 cts rd Lohdkj dh tk;sxh rfkk mlh fnu bz&fufonk dh osclkbzv ij 16-00 cts [kksyk tk;sxk] rn~kuqlkj osclkbzv ij gh lwfpr fd;k tk;sxka fufonk [kqyus dh frffk ij ;fn vodk'k gksxk rks fufonk vxys dk;z fnol esa [kksyh tk;sxha fufonk dk folr`r fooj.k bz&vs.mj dh osclkbzv ,oa ij miyc/k jgsxka fufonkvksa dks fdlh Hkh izdkj ds la'kks/[email protected] ,oa fcuk dkj.k crk;s [email protected] djus dk vf/kdkj v/kksglrk{kjh ds ikl lqjf{kr jgsxka /kjksgj jkf'k jfgr o l'kzr Lohdkj ugha dh tk;sxha vf/k'kklh vfhk;urk] fo|qr forj.k [k.m&izfke] ckxira ^^fctyh pksjh dh lwpuk gsyiykbzu uecj% 1800&180&3002 ¼esjb½ ij ns** i=kad% 697] fnukad% 06-02-2019 Southern Railway has implemented An e-system. All Advertised tenders will be dealt through e-procurement system only. No manual offer/postal offer will be entertained. These tenders can be Accessed under the link www.ireps.gov.in-->sr-->cos Sl. No. Tender Closing date & time E-tender No. Description NIT No. DRM-W-JBP-33-2019 Name of work with location: HDGC JOINTLESS GROOVED COPPER CONTACT WIRE 107 SQ.MM 28/02/2019 @ 14.30 Hrs Proposed repair to drain, pathway and rear apron of staff quarters at Satna and Satna-manikpur Section. 31.00 Lakhs, 82/18/9436/EOT 1 Railway reserves the right to issue Any corrigendum to the tenders. Important Notice to Vendors; e-procurement is in the link Approx. cost of the work Rs.: Earnest Money to be deposited Rs.: Completion period: Last date & time for submission of tender (Upto 15:00 hrs on): Tender to be opened at 15.15 Hrs : NIT No. DRM-W-JBP-34-2019 Name of work with location: www.ireps.gov.in PRINCIPAL CHIEF MATERIALS MANAGER 62,000/-, 10 Months, 12.03.2019 12.03.2019, New Katni Junction - Provision of cross over at Jhalwara end to provide simultaneous reception and dispatch of trains. 51.84 Lakhs, Approx. cost of the work Rs.: Earnest Money to be deposited Rs.: Completion period: Last date & time for submission of tender ( Up to 15:00 hrs on): Tender to be opened at 15.15 Hrs : UTIB0001094 103700/-, 04 Months, 12.03.2019 12.03.2019. The complete information of the above E-tenders are available in website on and also placed on the notice board of the Divisional Railway Manager (Works) Office of West Central Railway, Jabalpur. Tender other than in the form of e-bids shall not be accepted against above tenders. www.etender.up.nic.in “https://ireps.gov.in” www.etender.up.nic.in www.pvvnl.org Divisional Railway Manager (Works), WCR, Jabalpur jjsyy ;; ,,ooa kk== kk dds nnkkssjjkkuu llqqjj{{kkkk kkddkk;; ggsrrqq 118822 iijj ff'' rr llaiiddzz ggsrrqq 113388 iijj ddjjsaaa DELHI JAL BOARD, GOVT. OF NCT OF DELHI OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER(C) DR.XIV dq»»fe LXF½F³FE ´FDSX¿FQ Delhi Cantonment Board SEWAGE PUMPING STATION, NAJAFGARH NAJAFGARH, NEW DELHI - 110043 ÀFQSX ¶FFªFFSX, dq»»fe LXF½F³FE-10 Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt-10 Tel. No.: 25693837, 25695450 Email : [email protected], Website: www.cbdelhi.in SHORT N.I.T. No. 02(2018-19)/EE(C) DR.XIV Sl. No. Descriptio A ou t put to te der Date of release of te der i e-procure e t solutio Last date/ti e of te der dow load through e-procure e t solutio ADVERTISEMENT FOR WALK-IN-SKILL TEST FOR THE POST OF LAND SURVEYOR (CONTRACTUAL BASIS) Delhi Cantonment Board intends to hold a Walk-in-skill test to select two candidates for job of (Contractual) on in the 1. P/L Sewe Li e i Sadh Na a Colo y i Pala Co stitue cy (Re-i vite). No. 2019_DJA_168049_1 Rs. 8,54,31,719.00 08.02.2019 4.00 P.M. o wa d 21.02.2019 U to 03.00 Land Surveyor 18.02.2019 at 1130 hrs Conference Hall, Delhi Cantonment Board, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt-110010. (https://govtprocure e t.delhi.gov.i ) Fu the details i this e a d ca be see at Interested eligible candidates may attend skill test as per above mentioned schedule with all their original certificates/mark sheets with an attested photo copy of each of it and a recent passport size photograph along with the updated Bio-data. No TA/DA would be provided for attending skill test. The candidates not fulfilling eligibility criteria would not be considered for selection process. The screened candidates shall be required to undergo the skill test. The initial engagement will be for a period of 89 days, which may be extended further subject to satisfactory performance. Matriculate or equivalent from a recognized Board/university. Diploma in Survey Engineering and two years practical experience and knowledge of surveying and leveling. Well-versed with all survey works especially field surveying using ETS & DGPS and should also be familiar with Auto CAD software applications and preparations of drawings with Geo Coordinate reference. Not exceeding 27 years. Rs. 30,000/- per month. ISSUED BY P.R.O. (WATER) Advt. No. J.S.V. 798/2018-19 EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (C) DR.XIV Hkkjrh; ou izczc a/a/k lalalfkku] Hkk sisiky INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FOREST MANAGEMENT BHOPAL Minimum Educational Qualification: (An Autonomous Institute of the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India) Key Skills: APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR ADMISSIONS-2019-21 : 20-02-2019 i) Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management (PGDFM) 2 Year full time residential Average CTC Rs. 6.94 lakhs per annum 100% Placement 20 performance based scholarships Age limit: Consolidated remuneration: ii) Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Management (PGDSM) (New Course) Telephone No. 011-25695450 No. DCB/8/C-1/TN/2018-19/19 Office of the Cantonment Board Website: 2 Years full time residential. Sd/- Apply online : www.iifm.ac.in/admission Chief Executive Officer Delhi Cantonment Board www.cbdelhi.in M.P. Madhyam/93001/2019 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER Pressreader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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