Hindustan Times (Delhi) : 2019-02-10

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hindustantimes 21 S U N DAY H I N DU STA N TI M E S , N EW D E L H I F E B R U A RY 1 0 , 2 0 1 9 world AFRICA IS BECOMING AN EXAMPLE WHERE IT’S POSSIBLE TO SOLVE CONFLICTS AND PREVENT CONFLICTS ANTONIO GUTERRES, UN secretary-general, on a steady decline in civil strife across Africa > photooftheday n n n n n n n inthenews ARIANA GRANDE NASA exchanges tweets with the pop star over her new song The new song NASA has led to an exchange of tweets between the US space agency and the pop singer. The song has references to space exploration and the cosmos 1 2 3 n “Hey @Arianagrande, we saw ‘NASA’ trending this morning and thought it was about one of our new discoveries. But we realised that you might need some space,” NASA tweeted Ariana retweeted NASA’S post with emojis. Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut and co-lander on the moon alongside Neil Armstrong, also retweeted NASA’S post on the song. n n n n n n PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER Pressreader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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