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Face covers back in demand amid Covid surge, police action

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PRAYAGRAJ: Sale of face covers has picked up in the district. This is as much due to alarming surge in covid here as due to fear of being penalised as the police have stepped up campaign against those found violating covid protocol.

Now, many people, especially those with field jobs, here have started keeping extra face covers with them.

“Face covers get soaked in dust and sweat and cause irritation and rashes on skin and that’s why we usually keep couple of them with us,” said Sunny Sahu, a delivery boy.

“We have to keep at-least four face covers or masks which we keep changing to avoid skin problem,” he added.

Rashid, a salesman with a private company said that wearing masks when out in the open was essential. “I keep several masks of every size, design and fabric. I wear them according to the weather and comfort,” he said.

Munna, a local trader who sells cosmetic items on a kiosk along with masks in chowk area said sale of masks has increased over the last month. “People are buying masks not only for them but also for their children. All the unsold masks of last year have been sold and fresh ones are being ordered. Some buyers purchase two to three masks at a time,” he said.

The increase in demand for face cover has coincided with fresh police initiative that is focused on penalising those found not wearing face covers when moving out. Face covers or masks are an essential part of the covid protocol. The police are levying penalty of Rs 1000 on such covid violators.

Superinten­dent of police (SP) city Dinesh Kumar Singh said the drive to identify covid protocol violators is being carried out not only at main traffic intersecti­ons but also in lanes and by lanes. “Places where people are reluctant to wear masks will be identified and special drives will be carried out at such places,” he added.

During last ten days, Prayagraj police has penalised 7713 persons for not wearing masks and realised Rs 9,33,900 as fine from them.

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