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Varanasi neurologis­t claims Favipiravi­r helpful in mild covid


VARANASI: Professor Vijay Nath Mishra, a neurologis­t at IMSBHU, on Tuesday, urged people to not run after Remdesivir and said in mild to moderate covid infection, Favipiravi­r is helpful.

He, however, cautioned the masses against taking it on their own.

“People should take it only on the advice of their physician,” he said.

Prof Mishra said that Favipiravi­r was given to several Covid patients in last one week and results on patients have been very good and effective.

Prof Mishra appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also the MP from Varanasi, to post IAS officers with medical background in health department­s of state and the centre.

“Such bureaucrat­s would be able to better understand the medical needs and requiremen­t for management of pandemic,” he said. He said that bureaucrat­s with medical background would better understand the medical requiremen­ts and help in taking decisions quickly to control the spread of covid infection.

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